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Localizing National Youth Policy: Youth Convergence for Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Education
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

The project titled: Localizing National Youth Policy : "Youth Convergence for Entrepreneurship,Employability and Education" aims in strengthening youth policy on local level. While it has beendeveloped in order to cover main areas such as youth unemployment and youth involvement inglobal issues, it is mainly related to the idea of localization of the agenda. The organisers dobelieve, that this approach can lead into the sustainable and accountable development of thesubject.The structure of the project covers:1. Partnership Building Activity - January 2013, in Wroclaw, Poland2. Youth Training on Local Youth Employment Development Planning (LYEDP) - August 2013, Manila, Philippines3 Inter-^generatonal Dialogue Networking Seminar-August 2013, in Manila. Philippines4. Local Youth Employment Summits - in all 7 partner countries involved, August November 20.13 5. Partners Evaluation Meeting - November 2013 in Beijing, China With total numbers of 81 direct participants of international events (with additional youth workers involved in preparation and evaluation events) and not less than 350 direct participants of local events, the indirect involvement should reach more than 10000 people thanks to the exhibitions provided in all partners countries, showing the results and main issues related to the project. Additional recognition will be achieved by t-shirts and other gadget securing the visibility during and after the planned events.The partnership that prepared the,project consist of Poland, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Philippines and China. All partners are deeply involved in youth policy and youth issues for long time and have been successfully cooperating in previous projects, which are also a base for this proposal.
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