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Local Road Network in Hetes

The project encompasses planning the reconstruction of five state roads and one local road as well as the construction of four border access roads. Sections along the Hungarian side for the Rodics-Csente, Rodics- Gantorhaza, Lendvajakabfa-Kebele and Szentgyörgyvölgy -Szocsiszentlaszla crossings are part of the future access roads to border crossings so that with the existing crossings near Tornyiszentmikls, Rodics and Nemesnep there is the possibility for opening four new linking checkpoints. The reconstruction of existing lower-ranking state and access roads, managed by Hungarian Roads Ltd., will provide a direct link between state roads No. 86 and No. 75 on the Hungarian side, or No. 357 on the Slovenian side of the border. Achievements: The VIA-TRITA Bt. Company, registered in Budapest, designed the reconstruction project for state roads, while the PANNONWAY Kft company from Zalaegerszeg designed the project for roads under the jurisdiction of the local self-governments. The projects are worth HUF 18.4 million. Should the plans be realized, the reconstruction costs of roads in the Hatás region will amount to HUF 2 billion, while the construction of new communications approximately HUF 2.5 billion
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  • 75.1%   128 633,46
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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