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Local products development in Middle Baltic (Local products)
Start date: Aug 1, 2012, End date: Jan 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Rural people of Zemgale (Latvia) and North-Lithuania who produce local homemade products as growing potential of rural entrepreneurship have not been adequately supported. Their contribution to economics and stability of local community has not been adequately appreciated. Objective is : To strengthen rural entrepreneurship development of Zemgale and North-Lithuania and increase productivity and accessibility of local homemade products by establishing missing "green markets" infrastructure in 6 municipalities and common cooperation networks and marketing strategy of local homemade products of Middle Baltic. Sub-objectives: 1) To raise the competitive capacity of local food products producers of Zemgale and North-Lithuania by offering 8 training programs for improving the quality and variety of the products of certain groups, marketing skills and cooperation; 2) To develop the infrastructure of 6 green market places – 3 of them in Latvia municipalities and 3 of them in Lithuania municipalities, thereby improving accessibility of home-made products in local and cross border area; 3) to work out common brand "GreenLiLa" for 6 green markets network and products basket and to popularize through marketing activities local products of Middle Baltic; 4) To promote creation of new enterprises by using potential of local products producers, promoting the registrations in Food and Veterinary services in Latvia and Lithuania; 5) To work out suggestions of common monitoring system of green markets and inform people about them. 6) to improve training opportunities for homemade producers investing in educational infrastructure and specific training programmes for sustainability purposes. The project partners are - LP Zemgale planning region, PP2 PI Šiaulia region development agency, PP3 Dobele County council, PP4 Plavinu County Council, PP5 Viesite local municipality, PP6 Rundale County Council, PP7 Directorate of Kurtuvienai Regional Park, PP8 Directorate of Žagare regional Park, PP9 Šiaulia district municipality. Activities will be organized in WP1 "Management and coordination", WP2 "Development of Green markets infrastructure", WP3 "Local products development", WP4 "Green markets" marketing". Cross border out puts - created 1 "green markets" network GreenLila consisting of 6 markets. Trained local home made products producers, shared experience and knowledge, improved quality and variety of local home made products in Middle Baltic. Achievements: Improved infrastructure of adult education institution in Dobele. Improved green markets infrastructure for local products producers bussinees support both Zemgale and North-Lithuania. Local products producers provided by marketing activities and consultations creating common brand "GreenLiLa" available in "GreenLiLa"markets. Created suggestions for FVS monitoring of green markets. (Re)constructed infrastructure of 6 green market places in Viesite (LV), Rundale (LV), Plavinas (LV), Žagare (LT), Šiauliai (LT), KurtuvienaI (LT) created totally 79 new trading places.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)
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