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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The students of Liceo Scacchi – far from what its location in the city center could suggest – come from heterogeneous socio-economic backgrounds. The closeness of the school to the train station and the main bus terminals makes its catchment area go far beyond the neighborhood. Therefore, even among our students, as regards the socio-family background, there are many situations of hardships and difficulties that are the root cause of repeated school failure. We cannot certainly speak, in our case, of a significant phenomenon of dropping out, but it is certain that in recent years there have been increasingly frequent cases of students who decide to interrupt their studies at a liceo and follow a course in vocational schools: this phenomenon is also caused by the failure to find appropriate strategies, which aim at increasing students' self-esteem that is necessary to strengthen their motivation to study. The presence of students with Special Educational Needs (BES) is also increasingly important. Now, our teachers who are in charge of BES focus their attention more on the single student than on the whole class, more on cognitive and technical aspects, than on emotional and socio-cultural elements of the learning environment. It is to be hoped that we try a transformative approach, which considers differences as a stimulus for the development of teaching practices aiming at the benefit of all students and the whole school community. The objectives that we identify as priorities for our school in this project, are divided into the following strategic areas: • improving the skills and competences of the staff to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning; • contributing to the modernization of secondary education systems in Europe according to the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda; • broadening the knowledge and understanding of the policies and educational practices of European countries; • increasing digital skills (ITC), use of on-line educational resources (PER) and multilanguage skills of teachers (Action Plan launched in late 2013 by the European Commission for innovation and digital skills); • improving the quality of work and the activities for students; • increasing opportunities for professional career development. 18 teachers and headteacher, with profiles related to the 5 areas of improvement, will participate in the training session: • Area 1 - Involvement and motivation of students • Area 2 - Strategies for inclusive education • Area 3 - CLIL methodology • Area 4 - effective integration of technology in teaching practice • Area 5 – increase in professional skills and educational technology through the improvement in educational processes The activities planned by our school abroad will take place in July and August 2016, and will consist in training courses in the UK. Our school will pay particular attention to practical and logistic issues. The running and the quality of the entire training process will be guaranteed by the criteria for selecting the course provider and by drawing up agreements with it and with the participants. Before leaving for the United Kingdom, all the participants will be involved in training activities organized by our school. There will be online forums with the support team of the course provider and preparatory meetings and workshops to be held in our school. These activities will provide adequate support for intercultural and language learning which is required to ensure the safety and the ability of the participants to be engaged in learning mobility. The project will have a substantial positive impact on the personal skills of the participants and their future professional practice, but also on our school as a whole. It will result in a change in the management of the school, in the content of the curriculum, in the relations with other European countries to open possibilities for future exchanges and projects of partnership with other schools within the European Union. In the long term, the students of our school will enjoy the benefits of this project; the outcomes of the project will be included in the running of the school, in a more effective classroom teaching and will produce an improvement in the quality of the school itself.
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