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Ljudi i medvjedi - Kuterevo
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

People and bears – Kuterevo is a 12-month long EVS service that is taking place in a mountain village – Kuterevo, where people live together with bears and wilderness also called Kuterevo. The goal of the EVS project is to provide a unique learning experience for Amelie, Zoe and local community, to empower the organization’s capacities and to promote volunteering, and cultural and biological diversity as fundament for sustainable future. AmA©lie Jaquet, volunteer from France and Zoe Egea from Spain will be involved in activities related to the Bear Refuge Project and Volunteers’ Station Kuterevo. AmA©lie will be mostly involved in the project of documenting the first 10 years of The Refuge for Bears and People in which volunteers had the fundamental role. She will be collecting stories, photos, texts, videos which will be used for publication and different informational activities. Zoe will be creating a campaign for protection of European brown bears, educate volunteers and local youth about environmental issues and document the beauty of nature, landscapes and seasons in the UNESCO Biosphere reserve, Velebit Mountain. She will create and design informative materials about bears, organize workshops, games and events for volunteers and youth. Besides, she will be making photographs of the Velebit Mountain and its landscapes and at the end of the service prepare a photo presentation which will close her service in Kuterevo. Since 2011 is declared as European Year of Volunteering, together with other volunteers, they will be promoting volunteering and its values with a specific emphasise on volunteering for nature. On one hand, through all these activities they will get into contact with youth, local people, visitors, former volunteers and many other friends of the project what will create a unique web of stories, that will be documented and preserved from the oblivion.On the other hand, they will gain new knowledge, skills, attitudes and many new friends. All in all, intercultural exchange, non formal learning, life in harmony with people and nature will be the spiritus movens for their future engagement in their local community and global society of Europe.
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