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Start date: Jul 31, 2007, End date: Dec 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of this project is to promote and implement sustainable renovation practice in NWE. Why? NW Europe is characterised by its rich urban heritage. The existing built environment of cities in NWE is an asset. It is important for the knowledge-based economy. which is to develop further in NWE. Existing building stock gives identity to cities as places to be for the creative class and innovative economic activities. Sustainability is a prerequisite. But there is a risk of neglect and deterioration of architectural heritage. Maintenance and renovation requires small scale. labour intensive operations and craftsmanship. Building at the city fringes is cheaper and faster. If we wish to keep the architectural quality. multifunctionality and social cohesion of our urban centres in tact. action must be taken! Examples and standards exist about how to work with sustainability principles in new buildings. But possibilities of how to renovate.restore or ameliorate the existing building stock in a sustainable way are generally unknown to house owners. housing corporations. public authorities. contractors. investors and consultants Here is a great market potential. And technology is available. But the gap between available knowledge and practice is enormous However. the do-it-yourself market. the practice of housing corporations. public authorities. consultants and the construction and installation sector. offer intriguing opportunities to make our built heritage sustainable. And by doing so: create new craftsmanship and jobs The partnership wishes to demonstrate and make accessible the technologies and methods. which are available for sustainable renovation. and jointly develop new sustainability products and services for the renovation sector. In addition the partnership wants to work on a variety of communication methods and instruments for knowledge transfer. targeted at different kinds of decision makers. citizens. organisations and businesses Achievements: Setup and run a LivingGreen centerA physical Livinggreen centre demonstrates and makes technologies and methods accessible, which are available for sustainable renovation. It uses a variety of communication methods and instruments for knowledge transfer, targeted at different kinds of citizens, organisations and businesses. Such a centre plays a key part in bridging the gap between knowledge about sustainable renovation and taking action, because a centre is a place where people can experience the results of sustainable renovation. At the same time, visitors find technical and financial information and meet stakeholders who are concerned with sustainable renovation. It should play a leading role in the sustainable transformation of the existing building stock: providing a pool of services through which a Livinggreen centre can facilitate the act of renovation. Methods to enhance practical application have been developed and are given as input for the activity programmes of the centres, see more: Manual This book shows that sustainable renovation of older buildings is not only possible but can create highly energy- efficient homes while also preserving the cultural and architectural heritage of the building.In these pages, we aim to provide you, the homeowner, with practical knowledge about how to renovate your home in a sustainable way. It will be of particular relevance if you live in a heritage building.We give guidance about how to find out more about the cultural heritage of your home and what to pay attention to, to be able to carry out a sustainable renovation. To inspire you, we have divided into themes ten different areas of Livinggreen experience. These case studies should not be read as a step-by-step how-to guide but as lessons, and insight into what is possible in practice.See more under:

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