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Living Language Learning
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our objective in carrying out this project is to give our pupils a better experience of learning languages. We intend to do this through changing the structure of our language teaching from the current model to a model where we work together as a whole school to embed language learning into classroom routines and other curriculum areas meaning that our children will have a much more complete experience of learning a language. This project will enable our 36 teachers in Key Stage I, 2 and EYFS to feel confident enough to plan and deliver languages to their pupils. We have developed a project that will involve sending staff on training courses in Spain and France. The courses include various elements relevant to our needs, for example they include intensive language classes which will enable our staff to quickly assimilate new language skills. They also include cultural activities and information, sessions on language teaching methodology, input on areas relevant to our needs such as using ICT to support language learning, how to support our pupils with special educational needs and ways to integrate language learning across the curriculum. All of this will result in our pupils feeling much more confident in their use of languages as they will be able to use Spanish and French much more regularly and also they will be able to see the relevance of learning about languages and culture as this will be put in a context. We will develop strong and lasting links with schools in Spain and France leading to regular communication ad joint project work. This will give them an invaluable insight into life in a different culture. Teachers will develop supportive professional relationships that will last for years to come and mean that they have a source of help and support for the future. We will make our language learning experience more enjoyable through using tools such as eTwinning on a regular basis. By creating a more interesting and enjoyable language learning experience for our pupils, we intend to increase the uptake of languages at GCSE in our school. We also intend to improve the language learning experience for our pupils with special educational needs and to find innovative and creative ideas to allow us to do this. We also intend to use the project to find new ways of using ICT within language learning and look for how we can make best use of the ICT resources we already have in school. A further objective of the project is to increase parental and community involvement in our school life. We have planned a two year project which will involve teachers, senior managers and support staff from across key stages taking part in immersion training in Spain and France. We would like to send 10 members of staff to Spain and 4 to France as part of this project. They will take part in training courses which will involve intensive language learning, cultural information, teaching methodology, time spent in Spanish and French school and discussion of issues relating to the development of foreign languages in schools. This is a large-scale project, involving a large number of staff members. Therefore, the impact will be far reaching. There will be a huge impact on the way languages are taught in our school. We will move from our current model of specialist teacher input with no follow-up to a new model of provision whereby many more members of staff are involved in teaching languages. Language learning will be more enjoyable due to this new approach, the use of better materials and the improved confidence of teachers. This will impact on our children’s attainment. Teachers will develop new skills and will feel confident and able to teach languages to their class. Members of staff taking part in the visits will be involved in working together to develop training packages and activities which will be used to share information and skills with the rest of our staff. This will support further development of teaching skills and more cross curricular work. Participants will also develop training packages to be used with other schools in our area. We will develop training sessions for parents focusing on basic language and culture. This will mean that parents are able to develop their own skills and also that they are in a better position to be able to support their children in their learning. We will increase our provision of cultural events and activities which we will open to parents and the local community, encouraging them to be further involved in the life of the school. There will be a positive impact on all pupils learning and we will specifically focus on the attainment of our pupils with special educational needs. They will benefit from improved resource link and better teacher knowledge leading to more appropriate teaching approaches that will help them to achieve their full potential.
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