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Living history, Living Nature (LHI-LNA)

The main objective of this project is the realization of common interventions by both Municipalities, in order to jointly promote the historical and natural resources of the cross border area and present them in a way that can reinforce local-driven sustainable development.This is mainly achieved by the documentation and exploration of the connection between the historical monuments and the natural sites of each area and the reveal of their dynamics as valuable attraction sites. The core idea is the creation of three paths namely Roads of Living Nature, Roads of History, Crossroads of History and Nature in every country.The cultural sites that are promoted in both areas are: eleven archaeological sites, five churches, two monasteries and three museums. The promoted natural sites are totally seven. Furthermore, three monuments are restored by Municipality of Novaci.The project also emphasizes on the artistic promotion of the places by different actions that include the involvement of artists and the creation of relative works of art.Additionally, the exploitation of new technological means will maximize the effectiveness of the activities and contribute vitally to the dissemination of projects results.Information and publicity actions include a communication plan, web portal, promotional material, tourist guides, press releases, newsletters and conferences.
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