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Living and working in Europe I.
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is prepared in the cooperation with partner schools which finished the common European projects. These partner schools have already been cooperating for several years at providing of students vocational training and with the companies where the students of our school completed vocational training abroad within the project LDV IVT and Erasmus+. There are not only very good working but also personal relations among the persons who are involved in the project which we think is a good base for successful cooperation. The schools that are involved in the project will be Business Academy in Prešov: delegating and host school for students from Halle /Westf., Volos and Wiltz (Luxembourg),Bastogne, Martiq and the host schools: Berufskolleg in Halle (Gemany), Lycee du Nord in Wiltz (Luxembourg), 1st EPAL Volou in Volos (Greece), 1st EPAL Ionias Magnisias in Volos (Greece), Institut Notre-Dame Bastogne (Belgium) and companies: Manderley B. V in Ootmarsum (Holand) and ALBIRO Ges. m.b.H in Sittersdorf (Austria).All host organisations will provide the working place and vocational training supervision, they will ensure the accomodation for students and they will help them to organize their free time activities, they will take care of the students during the voactional training. The aim of our vocational training is to enable students in the initial preparation for their occupation, to obtain first international experience in the companies abroad. Passing four weeks of vocational training will help students improve their personal and foreign language competence and will increase their chances of employment in other EU countries, and will contribute to increasing the motivation for further and better quality education for other students of the school. Participation in mobility will significantly strengthen the personal development of students, will increase their self-confidence, independence, intercultural awareness and interse about European environment. Based on their own experience students will recognize the importance and relevance of education and language learning. Europass Mobility will be awarded to all the participants and the school will accept carrying out fore,ign vocational training. For the period 2016-2018 Business Academy plans to send 14 groups with a total number of 48 students of the third class and school undergraduate fullfilling the conditions of participing in foreign vocational training. Students mobility will be implemented in May 2017 and in May 2018 in various companies and institutions that will be provided by individual host schools in the seat of their school and the listed partner companies.The lenght of the vocational training lasting 4 weeks is enough time for students to recognize the country, people and working environment, to improve speaking abilities in foreign languages and fullfill all educational tasks and targets.Next cooperation between partner organisations in the branch of vocational preparation also after finishing this project will help to increase the quality of teaching, will increase the credit and attractivness of the school at public places and also will increase the interest of the study at our school.

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