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Living a healthy life and entrepreneurship across Europe – Promoting sustainable approaches to a healthy life and successful business administration.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As obesity and eating disorders among teenagers have increased in Europe, the need for educational action becomes more and more important. According to recent research, one out of three eleven-year olds in Europe nowadays is obese, and as a consequence, eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia are more present and evident in our schools. In addition, we are living in a continent subject to a devastating economic crisis that has caused serious problems to our citizens, including epidemic unemployment in some of the European countries. This project, in the hands of three different schools from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, has been designed to improve the situation in those two issues: to help teenagers learn about healthy habits and promote their entrepreneurial skills, as we promote and enhance their European identity and awareness. The participants of this project are secondary school students, aged from 12 to 18, from the three different schools in Barcelona (Spain), Köln(Germany) and Culemborg (Netherlands). All the members of the community will take part at different stages of the two-year project, although only three groups of 20 students per country will participate in the transnational meetings. The activities of our project include: - Exploring why we need to eat healthy and lead a positive lifestyle. - Discovering national cuisines. - Writing business plans. - Meeting local restaurants businesspeople - Starting school restaurant businesses. - Organizing competitions and cultural events. These activities will be performed following a communicative approach, with meaningful and real tasks. New technologies will be an essential part of the project, since all the activities will generate some output (statistics, reports, videos, presentations, etc) to be reflected on the Internet. A website will be used as the "Agora" of our partnership together with social networks and video sharing websites like Youtube. Thanks to the Internet, teamwork and transnational cooperation will have an important role throughout the project. We expect to have an important positive impact on both the daily habits of teenagers in promoting healthy lifestyles and their creative and entrepreneurial skills. All the teaching materials and the project results will be made available to the general public, in order to increase the number of teenagers that could benefit from the project. We would also like to transmit our concerns to local, regional and national political stakeholders, in order to improve and update our national curricula, create laws or promote initiatives to give more importance to the promotion of healthy habits and models. If the participants in this project become aware of the importance of healthy eating and living and we give them the tools to take advantage of business opportunities, they will be able to lead longer, healthier, wealthier and happier lives, and if we are capable of sending the message to the whole society, the long-term benefits of our project will be incalculable.
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