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Live innovation for environment, entrepreneurship and employment - LIFE3
Start date: 15 Dec 2012,

We do what we believe in, we Live Innovation For Environment, Entrepreneurship and Employment, which is the name of our project. From this comes the short version, LIFE3, but it also reminds about the lives of the three global regions of LIFE3, Europe, Latin America and Asia. LIFE3 involve least 312 young people, but probably many more, and 25 youth workers from Finland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, China and Nepal. Our three target groups are youth workers, young people and locals. In addition we expect ca. 1600 persons to indirectly get in contact with LIFE3.The objective of LIFE3 is to increase entrepreneurship and employability in rural areas and suburbs by sharing innovation related to sustainable use of natural resources and knowhow existing in participating organizations and their societies.The activities of OFE3 are planned as a logic flow so they effectively support each other to be an entirety with sustainable results. The central parts of LIFE3 are introduction and preparation, interaction withtiomtriunilies on local and intercontinental level, sharing of good praxis and dissemination of results. The concrete activities are:» a project preparation meeting in Kemiönsaari in Finlandβ local study visits at all partners,« volunteer projects in the suburbs of Cordoba in Argentina, Lima in Peru, Beijing in China and Kathmandu in Nepal,β job shadowings in Kemiönsaari in Finland, Berlin in Germany, Reggio Calabria in Italy, Mardin in Turkey,β seminar in Istanbul in Turkey and« dissemination and exploitation of results at all partners.The central concept of LIFE3 is to understand that we have is no division of rich helping poor, high educated helping less educated or program countries helping partner countries. LIFE3 is about equal sharing. We might have different knowledge, skills and resourced, but they are equally valuable. Therefore we will put effort on opening the mind of all the target groups in the project. We do this by sharing real experience, not only talking about our objectives. The most important method concepts are volunteering, local study visits and job shadowing, which all are very concrete confrontations with the local communities. By having volunteering as a method we want to promote volunteering also outside of LIFE3. To overcome culture and language barriers, especially when working with local children and youth, we will use games, grassroots sports and outdoor activities. The project preparation meeting and the seminar are supporting parts of LIFE3 to make the most of the project. The concrete methods are non-formal, but with bigger variety as we welcome the partner countries' versions of non-formal learning.The expected results are that young people: « (earn about innovative entrepreneurship,β get ideas about how resources in the nature can be used in a sustainable way for income,• see examples on how NGOs can develop projects that can give employment,β share concepts of entrepreneurship courses that the NGOs can arrange and• get challenges at LIFE3 that develop their leader and facilitation skills that can be useful both in theNGO and in the professional life.
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