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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE OF NATURAL CULTIVATION OF SNAILS presents the program entitled “OPERATION UNIT STANDARDS AND PROMOTION OF SNAILS: MONODROME FOR AUTONOMY OF INDUSTRY ". In our country the snail processing is not as developed as in foreign countries, leaving several business opportunities untapped by what is offered by the processing of the product and the increased added value acquired through such a process. In order for the Association to expand its activities through the establishment of a unit for Standardization and Promotion of Snails, it needs to train staff and to exchange experiences with colleagues from other European countries. So as to understand the compliance requirements of modern safety standards for export food - consumer protection and promotion procedures. The educational needs of (reasons for the implementation of the program) the participants, members of the Association and human resource managers, focus on: 1. The awareness of the importance of their participation in producer groups or cooperatives, 2. The shift in product standardization. Plus markets, especially foreign markets, require the product to be branded with all the guarantees of controls. 3. The organization in sectoral groups with vertical integration of production. The chain of production - processing - standardization - sale, is now one way for Heliciculture. 4. Emphasis on / turn to give the image of the produced products and promoting the domestic and international market. The training program will be based on all those training adult learning methods: connection of theoretical knowledge with practical applications, active participation, cooperation in a friendly environment, etc. So that participants – Heliciculture and responsible human staff members of the Association - to experience different professional environments. The objectives of the program are the participants to be trained in modern techniques applied abroad, and are particularly distinguished: • Improving the competitiveness of the sector through the provision of deficit-ness in existence of manufacturing infrastructure and concluding private agreements with producers etc. • to increase the added value of the output of the cooperative enterprise products through the introduction of new technologies, innovation, compliance with current food safety standards for consumer protection and promotion of the product, • producing quality products / labeling or carry national certification marks, • Opening new market opportunities (e.g. sales growth, export activity). • strengthening the capacity of participants to be able to respond successfully to the demands put upon them in the area of trafficking of snail products • The adoption of new techniques and methods which are currently used in the international market. The ONECO Host Institution is located in the Andalusian region of Spain and has considerable experience in training adults and in this area, also the choice of the organization was directly related to the host country that has significant growth in this industry. Participants will go for 14 days (10/03/2016 - 23/03/2016) in Spain to follow the training program which will be built on thematic visits, seminars, presentations, discussions - exchange of experiences and cultural visits. This action will be in direct synergy with the new NSRF (2014-2020) that prioritizes food and agriculture industry and especially extroversion / exports through standard products. At the same time there will be multiplier effect results that will lead to a more efficient investment management of producers as on the qualitative customization of products to market needs, giving added value to the action to strengthen the export image in the area of snails.

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