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Literacy across the curriculum
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of this application is " Literacy across the curriculum".Background for this application:There is a local and a national need for a competence boost for teachers, who teach pupils across the curriculum from the age of 10 to 16 years in order to support and thus optimize students' reading skills, so that more students leave school with functional literacy skills (see . PISA). This competence enhancement should be done across the curriculum, and not only be the Danish teachers’ responsibility.Students with functional literacy skills are less likely to drop out of school or later in the educational system.The objectives of the application:- To increase intercultural competences for myself, my literacy tutor team, the staff from Vestfjendsskolen and all the literacy tutors in Viborg municipality in relation to the international concept of " Literacy" and more specifically in relation to " Literacy across the curriculum”.- That the literacy tutor team at Vestfejndsskolen is able to give its contribution to the difficult challenge Danish teachers are faced with - to improve students' literacy skills so that fewer students leave school with inadequate literacy skills according to the European benchmarks that ate mentioned in EU’s strategy on the educational sector.- To be better equipped to work both theoretically and practically focusing on "Literacy across the curriculum ."- That Vestfjendsskolen is participating in the process that takes place in these years where we go from the Danish expression “læsning” (reading) to the extended concept of "literacy".Vestfjendsskolen has one applicant:The applicant has been a teacher for more than 20 years. In 2007 I completed three PD modules in reading, which means that I am a trained literacy tutor. During the training, I chose to read a part of my literature in English because I have taught this subject for many years. I have a certain knowledge of English technical terms according to "literacy". I have considerable knowledge of reading development during the last 6 years in the Danish school system. I need more knowledge about the international concept of "Literacy", which is relatively new in a Danish context.Jobshadowing at an English secondary school:I want to be a part of daily life - be a part of the selected teachers’ preparation, teaching and evaluation, whereby we can exchange knowledge and teaching experiences, practical and theoretical. I want to create a partnership with this English school, which may continue after completion of my stay. A partnership from which both parties can benefit through the exchange of knowledge, ideas, practices etc.I also want a dialogue with the principal and the literacy tutor team in order to hear how they choose to organize the work. I want to be curious about how the school succeed in providing a very large percentage of their students good literacy skills.Implementation of new knowledge about "Literacy across the curriculum" at Vestfjendsskolen:At Vestfjendsskolen we will carry through a pilot project. The principal, the vice principal and the literacy tutor team act together on this project. Before the stay at a secondary school the literacy tutor team will make a status about where the teachers are in relation to "Literacy across the curriculum".After the stay we will carry through three courses for the teachers, in which theory and practice are presented. The objective is to see "Literacy across the curriculum" implemented in the daily work.At Vestfjendsskolen we hope that both students and teachers experience that more students than earlier leave school with functional literacy skills. The project will be evaluated. The literacy tutor team will present the pilot project to all the literacy tutors in Viborg municipality and offers to assist if other schools want to work with "Literacy across the curriculum”.The reading consultant in Viborg Municipality and the National Centre for Reading follow the project.
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