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Listening to the rythm of our lives
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Listening to the rythm of our lives , Youth Exchange Projects, has been developed during 4 months , the estimated lenght of the activity was 8 days but we have been able to increase it two more days by making a budgetary effort and counting with the collaboration and support of the participants families. It has been developed with participants from Spain and Lithuania. Due to the economical situation of the township and neraby villages the youth is seeing how their future chances are being reduced. The European exchanges developed in the township have been useful to have an open-minded youth regarding Europe in terms of generating new prospects , social relationships, education and labour. Other township youngster experiences in different projects (exchanges, SVE) have given hope. This Project has favoured the participation of youngsters living in our township and in nearby villages through an european Exchange based on their will to get to know themselves and the reality that surround them better, to be able to project themselves on the present and towards the future. The technique that has been used is call Photo Voice. This methodology uses photography to identify, represent and improve their community. It is based on taking pictures of our reality ( included ourselves) with a mobile phone to understand it better and be able to change those things that we don’t like. After the photography sessions we gathered all together to discuss and analyse through the pictures the main question : What is the meaning of being a youngster? Seeing that youngsters of very different culteres agreed in a lot of points when answering this question was very rewarding. Participants are youngsters between 14 and 21 years old, the majority of them is studying at high school. Spanish participants had a low level of english, poor knowledge about Europe and little labour expectation. This Project has mainly insisted on these points. In total there were 18 youngsters from Numancia de la Sagra ( Spain) and 16 from Dauparai (Lithuania). The activities have been developed in differentiate blocks : -During the morning we have had activities related to Photo Voice and different workshops using different creative techniques to generate stories about what is being a youngster . Stop motion technique has been used. -During the afternoon the programme has been complemented with cultural activities, healthy leisure and sports, which have included one visit to Toledo and another visit to Madrid. There has also been a meeting with the representatives of the local government, feedback sessions and elaboration of the YouthPass. -At night there have been activities with the participation of the township to inform them about the progress. The obtained results were very rewarding. All the participants were able to express theis feelings and emotions and create a multicultural environment. The township took part in different activities (Families participated in the welcoming dinner, gymkhana by the asociación juvenil ámbar, games and batukada shared with all the neighborhood). And last but not least the Zombie Night in which every participant took part. The long-term benefits have been a greater knowledge of english by the participants, an open-minded actitud, the number of people interested in exchanges and SVE’s has increased as well as the feeling of being part of Europe.

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