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Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In a previous project organized by our association AFJIC, in Lviv (Ukraine) in September 2015, participants from different countries have highlighted the problems that exist around the representation of women in the media, especially in the lyrics of popular songs, in the music videos and also in the comments of these videos; often degrading and insulting. An observation was also made that few tools exist to educate young people about this problem. A need was thus found: provide skills and tools for youth workers from different countries to enable them to educate youth about the representation of women in the music they listen to, in the music videos they watch and in the comments they post.During this training from the 1st to 11th of May 2016, 39 participants from Europe, Eastern Europe and Mediterranean (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia) will have the opportunity to acquire skills (knowledge, attitude, aptitude) that will enable them to create and implement projects at a local and European level. Throughout the training course, methods of non-formal education will be used to create spaces of exchange and learning while maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect. Awareness of women's representation will also be made through discussions, round tables with local stakeholders and musicians, and through the exchange of good practices. Throughout the project, several tools will be created then re-used by the participants in their different contexts. Thus, an afternoon will be devoted to the creation of plays based on song lyrics degrading or insulting women. The plays will be presented in the evening to the local population. This will raise awareness on paying more attention to the songs they listen to and not just listen to a song because the rhythm is entertaining. At the end of the training course, several afternoons will be devoted to the creation, in sub groups, of awareness campaigns on different media (Youtube and Vine videos, poster, e-forum of discussion,campaign on social media (Facebook page and hashtag on Twitter), etc. ). Finally, a session will allow participants to develop recommendations that will then be sent to the media and elected officials to enable a better representation of women.General Objective of the Training:Build youth workers skills and give them knowledge and tools to educate youth and act against the negative portrayal of women in the music they listen to, in the clips they watch, and in the comments they post (reflecting the negative image that some young people can have on women). Indeed, these songs can have an impact on young people's vision of the male/female equality, their image and relationship towards women, and can also have a strong negative impact on young girls, their independence and personal empowerment.Specific Objectives:- Raise awareness of les experiences youth workers, about the impact of negative representations of women in the music and media on gender equality and learning to decode and break stereotypes faced by young women- To stimulate the understanding, analysis of the realities experienced by the participants and the sharing of experiences and good practices against discrimination in their Euromed context in relation to the representation of women in the media and especially in the artistic representation- Provide the participants and their organizations with attitudes, skills, knowledge and tools to improve the quality of youth work and non-formal education promoting the fight against discrimination and gender stereotypes- Create a multilingual e-campaign as a tool to fight against negative portrayals of women and stereotypes in the contexts of the participants at local, national, European and international levels.- Develop new projects with concrete and multiplier impact and write recommendations for a positive representation of women, ensuring maximum dissemination with young, youth organization, media, politicians, authorities, public, ranging from local to European levels
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