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Listen to the Silence
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Listen to the silence" is a project, which was planned with the aim to connect the world of healthy people with the "World of Silence", the world of deaf people. There will be an exchange of young people, three healthy ones and three deaf ones from each country in order to help them to understand each other. Nowadays there is information about disabled people available everywhere, but people without any disability are often still sceptical and afraid. We want to show, that deafness does not need to be a barrier for understanding one another and for cooperation. And we want also to show that people without any disability can feel the spirit of solidarity, forget difference and become friends. The project is a youth exchange and there will be three activities in three countries: in Germany, Malta and in the Czech Republic. There will be 72 participants all together, 24 in each activitiy (3 deaf young people, 3 healthy young people, 1 group leader with sign language, 1 sign language interpreter from each country). The aims of the project are:- to improve solidarity- to learn to know the lifestyle of each group of people- to connect young people from different countries and with different circumstances in life- to improve the language skills (foreign language, basics of sign language)- to awake creativity- to improve technological skills- to release the artistic disposition of each participant- to learn more about life with deafness- to build friendships without barriers and borders- to improve the intercultural dialogue- to improve mobility of disabled people- to learn to know new cultures and traditions- to improve cooperationAbove all the aim is to remove linguistic and cultural barriers and to help disabled young people to get the chance to meet other cultures under respectful and equal conditions.Our project's title is "Listen to the silence". It's concentrated on the cooperation of two groups of young people, disabled ones and people without disability. We want to break the barriers and to help learning them from each other. They will get the chance to improve their solidarity, disabled people will be a bit the teachers of the healthy ones, who have to learn to communicate without spoken words. The healthy ones will assist the deaf ones in usual activities (such as visiting interesting places). There will be several activities in the programme: language animation and basics of sign language, cooperation within the preparation of a pantomime performance, learning about history (famous deaf people), creating together - art workshop, working with technologies, some sportive activities (games) and sightseeing. All of the participants will have the chance to learn more about the lifestyle, culture and individual abilities from each other. All of them will be integrated in the project's team and will have the chance to discuss (with or without spoken words) about their feelings and wishes. Friendships will be built and differences will get lost. There will be created presentations during the youth exchange, made photos and short videos. All of them will be published on the websites / social network profiles of each partner. There will be also European certificates used for non-formal education as the Youthpass and Europass CV.This project will be massively propagated and will show the public, that there's no need of barriers. People can communicate even without voice. There aren't any linguistic nor cultural barriers which can't be removed. We can live with solidarity and without discrimination. We want to demonstrate the strength of unity, friendship and solidarity and fulfill the aims of article 2 of the EU Treaty as well as aim 5 of the European strategy 2020. And besides, the participants of the projects will get new contacts and build new friendships.
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