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Liquidation of Ecological Catastrophes and Pollution in the Territory of the Lielupe River Basin (Lielupe ECO)
Start date: Apr 15, 2012, End date: Dec 14, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Disasters with devastating short term or long term influence to environmental components or irrevocable change of it can be defined as ecological catastrophes caused by natural (floods, fires, drought) and man-made (technogenos – radiation, leakage of poisonous chemical substances, road accidents, etc.) disasters. Types of ecological catastrophes are clasified as follovws: risk to atmospher (smog, ozon); risk to waters (ground water, surface water); risk to soil (upper layers, deep layers); risk to nature and landscape (animals, plants, minerals, ecosystem, biological diversity, etc.); and of course risk to human beings. Risk (disaster) management is partially regulated by several EC directives (98/10/EC, 2002/22/EC), legal acts of the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania, Country Co-opearion Agreement concluded between Latvia and Lithuania on September 10,1999, as well as Agreement on mutual assistance in cases of disasters, technogen breakdowns, fires and road accidents near borderline of the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania signed by Jelgava Region Council, Siauliai County Administration and Jelgava City Council on July 18, 2000. So far there have been implemented several risk management projects in Zemgale and Siauliai regions. In 1999 and 2000 Jelgava City Council and Siauliai City Council jointly implemented two research projects in the framework of PHARE Credo Programme. Based on results of these projects there was elaborated in 2004 and implemented during 2006-2008 the INTERREG III A South Priority co-finance project Cross-border initiative for creation of emergency management system of disasters in neighboring regions of Latvia and Lithuania with 2.phase "CBRMII" implemented within the Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 during 2009-2011. Lielupe ECO Project is one of the Risk Management implementation phases with main emphasis to liquidation and prevention (including early warning) of ecological catastrophes in the border area of Latvia and Lithuania within the territory of Lielupe River Basin (LRB). LRB includes territories of Zemgale region in Latvia and Siauliai and Panevezys regions in Lithuania. Total area of LRB is 17 600 km2, approximately half of it is located in Lithuania. More that 949 thousand inhabitants live within the territory of the Project with quite high economic activity, including high risk cargos transported by railways, highways and oil pipelines, causing high risk of ecological catastrophes. Current risk management system provides instructions in Civil Defense plans for ecological catastrophes liquidation within the territory of each region, but there is no one common guide. To increase security and improve living conditions of the community in the border area of Lithuania and Latvia the Joint Rescue team will be established, trained according to activities which written at Civil protection plans and using equipment provided within the Project. Expected Results: Ecological risk occurence and prevention system will be elabotared (including elaboration of ecologic catastrophes occurance and prevention scenarious and WEB and SMS early warning system), and integrated to existing GIS of Jelgava city. The system will be elaborated as pilot project for Jelgava city and adjacent territories within 15km radius. The system will be multiplicative to other municipalities of LRB in Latvia and Lithuania. Practical rescue trainings based on situation simulation will be videotaped, analysed and findings will be presented in Closing Conference of the Project. Recommendation will be implemnted in Civil Defense plans of Project partners. Video materials will serve as training materials for institutions involved in the prevention and rescue works in the case of ecologic catastrophes within the LRB territory. Official representatives of the municipalities (Jelgava city, Jelgava county, Ozolnieki county, Bauska county, Siauliai county, Panevezys county) located in border area of Latvia and Lithuania within the territory of LRB and State Fire and Rescue Services of Latvia and Lithuania will sign the Agreement establishing one Joint Rescue Team for liquidation of ecological catastrophes within the territory of the LRB. 2 warning voice/sound systems and 9 portable radio sets for Jelgava County Council. 1 vehicle (4x4) equipped with sound system for public early warning and rescue works coordination; and 1 off-road vehicle equipped with PC, wireless internet connection, radio transition system, equipment for environmental monitoring, sound system, etc. for Zemgale Suburb Brigade of SFRS of Latvia. 2 pneumatic plug sets for Jelgava City Council. 1 skid-steer loader; 1 cargo container with equipment for oil and oil products localization and collection (bounding and absorbent booms, floating skimmer); 1 boat; 2 pneumatic plug sets for Zemgale SRFS. 1 skimmer; 1 trailer; 1boat for Siauliai FRB. 1 skid-steer loader; 1 equipment container; 150m bounding and 300m absorbent booms; 1 cargo container; 1 water pump; 1 boat; 1 pneumatic plug set for Panevezys FRB.
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