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Linn on meie? Linn on meie!
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Main aim of the project “City is ours? City is ours!” is to offer youth an opportunity to speak up their mind about their quality of life, as well as help youth to realize their role of making decision that impact their life and well-being, develope skills and interest to pay attention to their environment, get to know and pass on their vision and understanding of being a citizen plus develop dialogue between youth and decision makers.Participating youth live and study at the same city district of Tallinn. This part of the city is growing its popularity in young families, but youth themselves feel that there is not so many places they can spend their free time actively and safely. City district is developing fast, but often youth as a target group are left unnoticed or they feel that they are not so important. City has offered different opportunities like youth centers or similar facilities that offer youth opportunities to spent their free time are not familiar with their real needs and interests. That is why many youth happen to spent their free time aimless, what increases risk of making bad decisions that could end badly for themselves and others.During project „City is ours? City is ours!” youth will visualise utopic city district that meets their real needs and helps them to become more active citizen. Utopic in any level – how to make public events more attractive, what kind of institutions r parks they would want, anything where youth would want to spend their free time in a healthy way and become more involved and active. Through unformal learning 30 youth will make a vision of utopian city district, that would include youth as active citizen in their community, improve their life quality and supports making healthier decisions.The result of the project is to influence Põhja-Tallinn's municipality and Pelgulinna High School board leaders understatement of youth needs. In order to do that we will organize an open discussion in cooperation with Pelgulinna High School. During the meeting youth will present their utopian ideas together with explanations why they find these ideas important. During open dialog youth will chance their ideas, knowledge and perspective. As well there will be an discussion about possible cooperation between city district and high school in order to organise youth free time better (as well as a possibility to put together youth panel that will continue to work together with municipality).Participants of the projekt „City is ours? City is ours!” are youth between ages 13 to 25 and all of the participants are equally in sex and ages. All of the youth live in the same city district and study (or have lived and studied) at the same school and all have different social and cultural background. Three of the participants live temporarily abroad (Deutschland, Canada, Finland) who have a possibility to share their point of view and experiences in other counties examples. Some of the participants were involved in our last youth leading project that gives them an opportunity to share their experiences and they have involved other youth as well. Project manager have participated in Erasmus+ international projects nine times, what subjects have been youth involvement and coaching. Role of the project manager is to be moral support and help youth to succeed both in their personal and project goals. All learning will be thorough unformal learning methods like World Cafe, groupworks, etudes, roleplays etc
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