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Linkom do kvalitete / Linking to the quality
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

II. osnovna škola Bjelovar (The 2nd Primary School of Bjelovar) is the oldest school in the City of Bjelovar, and it was founded 240 years ago. Although the classes are held between the ancient walls, the teachers of this school have always been working devotedly, tending towards contemporary, different and modern working performancies, as well as to classes oriented to the pupil. Therefore, we are not unfamiliar with foreign European partnerships, project days, workshops, intergrated classes, days-long theme manifestations, professional development of the staff inland and abroad, charity activities, concerts, field trips, on line documantation, the classroom of the future, and various other accomplishments we have gained. The teachers of II. osnovna škola Bjelovar consider their profession their mission , and therefore they pay a great deal of attention and importance to professional development. The aim of professional development is to set the performances of the school to the quality and prosperous level with the basic accent on classes oriented towards the pupil. Investing into education, skills and lifelong learning is one of the elements of seven-year lasting strategy EU 2020 whose aim is to increase the quality of education in Croatia. By making a close study of EU 2020, we have synchronized our plans with European priorities, and we have set the goals for our school's development in the following five years. Those goals are to uprise the European dimension of the school, to improve digital competences of our teachers and pupils, to increase language competences of teachers and pupils, and to apply the new methods of learning and teaching in order to motivate the pupils with unsufficient basic skills and knowledge. After they have succesfully completed the multilateral partnership in Comenius programme, the five members of staff have decided to apply for Erasmus+ teacher training through the project „Linking to the quality“. The objectives of this project are developing intercultural competences, spreading the network of contacts with other European educational institutions, implementing ICT into classes and extracurricular activities, developing digital, methodical and language competences, and investing into professional ethics. The primary aim of this project is to improve the teachers' knowledge and skills on the field of professional, digital, methodical, managing and language competences. As a logical and consequential aim we must feature the increase of educational level of our pupuls, as well as raising young citizens of Europe. In our school and further, in our local comunity, we want to work on multiculturalism, civic education, sustainable development, European dimension and national identity that fits in the global image of Europe. The German teacher is applying for several-days course in German speaking country, and she will be studying methodology and the usage of ICT in her teaching. The Maths teacher is planning to visit Scarborough in the UK where she will work on her effective usage of technology in teaching her subject. The English teacher is hoping to attend Pilgrims course on the University of Kent, and improve her methodical and language competences. The Technical education teacher will professionally develop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on a five-days course about building efficient relationships and conflict management, while the head teacher (the princilpe) will travel to the UK to a course about management and leadership of school. After we accomplish the mobilities, we expect to implement information and comunications technology into teaching lessons and extracurricular activities. We also count on increase of intercultural competences of both, teachers and pupils, and on spreading the network with other schools in Europe. Our pupils will be more motivated to work with the help of modern methods and mediums. We will stimulate the cooperation between our pupils and the pupils from other European countries through creating various projects connected to educational process. Our activities are oriented to increasing the intercultural awareness, applying modern technologies in teaching which will bring us to higher level of computer literacy, and linking our school with other European schools. This plan chimes in with seven-year-long strategy Europe 2020, and leads to modernization of future curriculum and the vision of our school.
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