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The aim of the network would be to create and establish a viable network of organisations whose objective it is to promote and advocate for the access and inclusion of students with special needs in third level. These organisations are umbrellas organisations (with a national brief) in each of the EU states and work with students with special needs and the third level sector. The rationale for the network is that the reality is that students with disabilities continue to face barriers when seeking to access and participate in third level education and in some countries more than others. Furthermore students with disabilities do not mobilise across education in Europe (Erasmus) as their peers would and the formation of such a network would address these matters.. Such a network would allow a positive discourse with a particular focus on not just students with disabilities access education but how education can be made more inclusive and accessible to all through the dissemination of best practice in teaching and learning.- Concise description of the outputs, results and / or products (including where relevant key pedagogical strategies, media used, language versions etc)Greater transfer of knowledge across EU states about best practice and innovative inclusive teaching and learning strategies – each of the organisations participating in the network has direct access in its own country to the third level sector (colleges and staff and students). By sharing knowledge on a website, at seminars and at meetings, the knowledge gained can effectively be transferred and shared.Reliability of support services across Europe - How students with special needs are assessed and accommodated varies considerably. Such a network could contribute to a more uniform approach in participating EU states to the benefit of students with special needs. Fostering the development of similar organisations in other EU states - This network will add value to the work of national networks by providing them with a significant knowledge resource, easy access to research across Europe, a range of different models and how they operate in relation to inclusive education and most importantly a space for reflective learning, discussion and for the collective interpretation of information on a European level and the capacity to generate new knowledge and information on broadening learning practices in higher education. This network will facilitate and build a learning capacity within the higher education sector in relation to the inclusion of disabled students across EU states – and particularly be of benefit where 1 organisation would have more experience than another in a particular area. There are a number of key areas that all such organisations are focused on: Making curriculum more accessible, assessment of need accommodating, disability, admissions and examinations procedures in higher education and linking with enterprise in the promotion of work opportunity for graduates with disability,…Website – the website will ensure that all the activities of the network are disseminated to as wide an audience as possible and will also give a degree of transparency to the actions of the network.Seminars – the seminars, which will be open to all involved in education and with an interest in best practice teaching and learning strategies, inclusive education and making education accessible - are themed. This will guarantee outcomes from the seminars on common concerns to each of the participants.
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