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Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The project aims to provide information about languages and promote multilingualism and LWULs on the internet. The project product, the website, will be innovative, interactive, fun and user-friendly, to be inclusive of users with different ICT skills, interests and needs. It will be strongly linked to social networks, especially Facebook, in order to ensure a good dissemination. It will be possible to use the applications of the website directly on Facebook. The website will be available in at least 17 languages at its launch. However, translations are planned for all official EU languages, to make the site available to as many users as possible, including those who only speak a LWUL. The site will use a pedagogical approach to provide information about official, regional and minority European languages, as well as some non-European languages. We will use innovative ICT methodologies (games, interactive language exercises, quizzes on cultures and languages, etc.) and develop new e-tools aimed at motivating users to learn languages in a playful way, using all available educational methodologies. Three main applications will be created: 1. Lingvopedia - information about languages in the EU (all official languages, some regional and minority languages, and some languages of immigrants) and languages in general 2. Lingvopolis - collection of links and information on projects and websites dealing with languages 3. Lingvomania - an interactive multi-player, multi-level game about languages will be produced and adapted for usage on Facebook The main target groups are: - Young Europeans (teenagers, students and young adults), as typical Facebook users; - People with insufficient knowledge of foreign languages, especially older people in countries where the information accessible in their languages (LWULs) is very limited.
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