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Lingue Europee: pietra miliare dell'apprendimento
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Languages: the milestone of learningOur Project aims at a methodological and linguistic innovation with the objective of a more effective learning. We strongly believe that to achieve this goal it is absolutely fundamental to improve the teaching and learning of languages through the CLIL methodology and to promote the EU’s linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness.Our school is situated in Iglesias, a small town in the poorest province of Italy, where school-non-attendance and unemployment reign supreme. Therefore, our Project aspires to build and educate the most promising and prepared students in order to make them able of studying and working abroad and finding in the near future a better and satisfying job on a wider European dimension.To accomplish this objective, we strongly believe that a qualifying linguistic education for the teachers is essential, because it is the only way to reach and impact the pupils and the territory in its whole.For this reason, and of course considering the Needs Analysis of the school, we have selected 13 Subject Teachers profiles to be trained abroad. One of the reasons beyond the selection, is that they teach the basic subjects of the 3 different courses offered by our school: the Industrial course, the Business and Trade one and the Hotel and Tourism Management course, which all share the English language learning. The aim of the Project is to allow our teachers, after the mobility, to multiply their experiences and share the good practices and the intercultural consciousness acquired abroad during the courses with all the other teachers of the school who did not take part in the courses. We wish to start a soft CLIL experience with at least 13 classes (250 students circa) of the 39 classes of the school, as a direct consequence of the Project scopes and aims.After the mobility abroad, the teachers will deliver assemblies to the other teachers within the school but also to other colleagues; they will organize informative workshops to share the experiences, communicate the results and eliciting responses to a new and improved way of working. Our aim is to encourage the incorporation of the results in other disciplines and show how powerful and effective the CLIL methodology has proven to be during these years, in the foreign language learning but also to increase the students’ motivation.Our school has already carried out various educative and upgrading projects and experiences and now aims at becoming the driving force of a real didactic and educative renovation through the CLIL methodology introduction in the school curriculum.We intend to spread and inform through seminar activities and workshops supported by the local authorities and media, the school web-site, and newsletters. We wish to invite all the professional groups to which the school belongs, such as the Local Education Authority, the various Teaching Centres and Associations. And we also wish to reach all the other work-related partners, such as the Council members, the Chamber of Commerce, the school managers, the parents and other stakeholders.We shall distribute handouts and informative material to let people understand that they could also live a similar experience within the territory. We wish for the next future to make our students able of taking part into all those activities from which they are excluded today, due to their deep lack of knowledge and competence in the European languages, and therefore becoming visible on a European level in all the different sectors of their studies.
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