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LINGUAPEACE EUROPE - Developing Language Training and Reference Materials for Peacekeepers

Linguapeace Europe responds to the call for higher language proficiency amongst European peacekeepers involved in military, police or humanitarian intervention. It will develop, test and disseminate a series of language training and reference materials at intermediate and advanced level, complemented by a tailored version of the European Language Portfolio. A range of products will be developed to comprise a course outline, teachers' guide, self-study book, audio CD, testing materials and certification tests (in EN only) in addition to prototypes of other tools in eleven languages, i.e. an interactive multi-lingual glossary, a new language skills map and certification framework and a European Language Portfolio for Peacekeepers (in DE, ES, FR, EN, BG, EE, LV, LT, HU, PL & RO and further extended to NL & SK for the glossary). Partners will create an EU-wide certification matching the NATO STANAG 6001 examination standards within the Common European Framework and will seek recognition of the new course by national qualification bodies. The new tools should improve intercultural skills and enhance interoperability amongst peacekeepers. Initial, on-going and later stage dissemination will make use of the project website and will involve piloting and evaluation with Local Network Groups. Web-based and paper versions of materials, as well the glossary on CD-Rom, will accompany promotion to training providers and peacekeeping organisations through meetings, workshops, conferences and media coverage.

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