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Start date: May 5, 2015, End date: Sep 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The major theme of the project was social integration, releason from complexes, fears and limits, discovering of creative potential. Were involved 36 participants: 12 from Estonia, 12 from Latvia and 12 from Lithuania. We have gained good experience of social integration of young people old, and the socialization of people with Special Needs and Fewer Opportunities through active participation in common activities. They did not constitute a separate group and lived together with all the other children in the camp and participated in all the activities. This experience turned out to be very useful for everybody: participants had become more independent, get higher self-esteem and became more benevolent. We want our neighbour countries to be able using this experience. Through the project activities we hope to establish friendly and creative contacts with young people in Latvia and Lithuania, whose interests and concerns are similar to ours. This is fulfils the basic goals of Erasmus +. The answers were looking for: - What are the barriers? - Which person I could became if I would not bother by.... - What are the limits? Do we need them? The main activity of Youth Exchange was held in 29-06-2015 -- 05-07-2015 in Lahmuse manor, Suure-Jaani, Viljandimaa, Estonia. On the territory of the manor was located a treatment centre that specializes in helping children with disability or health problems, there were safely accommodations and conditions. There 10 participants from each countries + 2 youth leaders from each country (altogether 36 people), including 3 youths with Special Needs and 7 with Fewer The main methodology - preparation of circus performances for the residents of Suure-Jaani. Why did we choose the circus as a method of achieving the goals (removal of barriers, raising self-esteem): - It is fun, but it is hard - There is a choice: for example, if someone is not successful in juggling, he can try to do makeup or control a music, management, etc.. - You can see the result of the work - We can evaluate the contribution of each and the overall work of everybody - Both boys and girls love to participate - Not so scary to do something together - The audience is usually friendly Other methods: * Intercultural evening- acquaintance with other cultures, identification with the country where you live, tolerance upbringing. * Project groups- high efficiency of the method, because the group focuses on the overall result. Skills: communication, success, perseverance, determination, discovery of creative potential, etc.. * Dispute- learning to analyze, to express and defend own point of view, listening the opponent, to manage emotions. * Team-building- learning to work in a team, socializing * Training, physical activity - maintenance of physical fitness, the joy of movement. *Workshops/handicraft- new competence, tenacity, perseverance, sharing experience. * Medical Centre- practical skills of the health care, the value of health, the ability to relax and give yourself a rest. * Party- ability to be happy, to be beautiful, to like others and yourself *Games- switching of attention. Very flexible tool. Solves a lot of problems. *Energizer- better mood, stress relief. By combining these methods we could achieve the main goal of the project. The results of the project: Participants become more self-confident, gained new knowledge and abilities (skills, competitions), learned something from the circus arts, were involved in a circus performance and enjoyed it, met with the guys from other countries, learn about the experiences of people with special needs, become more loyal and kind to each other, improve physical fitness, discussed and find answers to the questions: - What are the barriers? - Which person I could became if I would not bother by.... The benefits for the partner- organizations: to get international contacts, have gained experience of cooperation, shared experiences, get ideas for improving methods. We believe that our experience with mixed youth groups in the long term perspective can also be useful to other countries in Europe. We are ready to improve our working methods and to share knowledge with every willing youth organizations through youth exchanges or other tools of Erasmus +

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