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LILAMA Network - Linguistic POLICY for the LAbour MArket

LILAMA Network aims at becoming a Mutual Learning Platform for the exchange anddissemination of guidelines, best practises and policy recommendations contributing tothe design and implementation of Linguistic Policies oriented to Labour Market needs.LILAMA, will:1. create and implement a Methodology for the identification and validation ofBest Practises on this field.2. allow the exchange of Best Practises identified, by practical sessions involvingfield study visits and seminars.3. produce a Guide of Good Practices, including their transferability analysis toregional contexts.4. research the transferability of the European Framework of Reference forLanguages (EFRL) into such Linguistic Policies.5. elaborate a EU Model and Policy Recommendations for the development ofsuch policies taking into consideration the EFRL.6. disseminate to the widest EU level the Network’s mission and results bytraditional and digital means.7. involve more than 100 Stakeholders (Policy-makers with competencies onlinguists policies at the EU level) that will ensure the networks sustainabilityand legitimacy.LILAMA will have a positive impact on the design and improvement of Linguistic Policiesoriented to the Labour Market at the EU level, which will ultimately lead to the strategicredirection and increase of the quality on the language training services available at theVET and Adult Education level, on new innovative ways.
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