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Lighthouse Of Conformity: Educational Programme on Consumer Protection and Product Liability for Economic Operators - SMEs

The Lighthouse of Conformity project plans to create an e-learning tool for SME managers and staff in preparing for the introduction of EU directives on Product Safety and Product Liability. The project will develop, pilot and introduce a modular, interactive course and e-learning environment for implementation, accreditation and eventual commercialisation.Products to be developed, in all partner languages, will comprise: a modular curriculum and series of learning tools/materials (including problem-solving simulation and teleconferencing); a guidebook; a self-assessment tool and a module for the training of trainers. All products, including the e-learning platform will be piloted in the participating partner countries and revised following a systematic evaluation. During the project period, ongoing updating of products will be considered and a further approach made towards accreditation of the project results.Information on project achievements, to include interim and final results and the evaluation report, will be made available to individual companies, business associations, teachers & students in universities and consumer protection advisers & associations. Dissemination channels will include articles to specialist press and journals and use of partner websites. The project will consider Intellectual Property Rights and will produce a detailed marketing plan in preparation for commercialisation beyond the lifetime of the project.
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