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Lifelong learning telenovela

Partnership will seek to encourage senior citizens (50+) to reactivate themselves in the lifelong learning process. Disappearing of different barriers and growing effect of globalisations sets new challenges in front of older citizens. Despite the fact that they already completed their “active” part of life they wish to get some particular knowledge that will enable them to actively pursue their leisure activities. Growing accessibility and popularity of soap operas motivated elder citizens to learn Spanish language that will enable them to understand their favourite story. However by encouraging those to study foreign languages with filming a Life long learning telenovel several aims will be achieved:1. Their active involvement in the learning process will increase their self-esteem and enable them more active role in local community;2. Since the products of the project will be learning materials created by active involvement of target groups, the project will produce some educational ways that could be used in wider European area;3. Such project will have strong impact in local environment – rural communities that often live far apart rely on verbal communication. When the “story” of the project will start to spread, the interest of community will start to grow.
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