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Lifelong Learning System - Nutrition at the Level of Molecular Medicine

In challenging existing barriers for the application of the scientific knowledge of molecular medicine in giving nutrition advice, and further responding to the growing demand for such advice, the project will develop a semi-virtual system of lifelong learning able to adopt an advanced approach to nutrition as a preventive and curative measure (based upon the molecular mechanisms of disease). Target beneficiaries for the project include postgraduate doctors, general practitioners, biologists, biochemists, technicians & health/social workers. The virtual learning system will be based on the following features: specific portfolio (knowledge and skills needed by different groups); specific curricula; modules (some web-based for self-study) and activity schedules (courses, consultations, tutoring); rules for application, registration, training and certification and an outline procedure for assessment and certification. The developed system will initially exist in EN and then translated into remaining partner languages (FR, BG & LT). Partner universities plan to integrate the resulting modules and virtual learning system into continuous medical education programmes and further plan to develop a Counselling Centre, as a legal entity, to continuous to oversee implementation towards a harmonised European learning system. Dissemination of project results will take place mainly at national level via general media, lectures, publications & presentations and will be supported by a dedicated project website.
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