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The aim of our partnership is to create learning opportunities for mentally handicapped adults and to provide generalization of their behaviours which they learn after these learning occasions using sport activities. The rules of actions that will create the learning opportunities through sports activities and that are supposed to enhance targeted behavioural changes through these activities are discussed and agreed upon at the first partnership meeting. All the partners will apply these rules of actions in the period of the first year. There will be active participation of the mentally handicapped adults to the partnership activities. The partnership will exchange experience about how the pleasure of achievements in sports activities can be used to improve life quality. In the second year of the partnership, the results of the piloting of rules of actions will be evaluated and later they will be corrected according to the problems and they will be applied again during second year. As the final product the successful results that are gained will be integrated in learning modules which are supported by photos and videos so the partnership results can be published in the web site.
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