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Lifelong Learning in Palestine
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

Wider objectives are to enhance the quality & relevance of LL capacities in HE institutions and non-university partners in Palestine by rolling out LL to society at large. Specific objectives are to:1. Construct a needs analysis of current education provision – WB & G - with a view to developing Lifelong Learning collaborations between HE & relevant local groups. 2. Facilitate a collaborative approach to the development of LL in order to establish a sustainable structure for the future.3. Provide relevant education & training events in CE centres of the five Palestinian universities & local NGO centres 4. Prioritize education provision that focuses on equality, women & other marginalized groups 5. Use technology to enhance communication between all the different partners & stakeholders in rolling out developments.6. Identify accessible low-tech equipment for delivery & curriculum material of the LL programs7. Develop impact tools for medium & long term analysis8. Create ongoing conditions for project sustainability & widest possibilities9. Create the conditions for embedding LL in the institutional culture of Palestinian HE10. Provide research/development capacities in university & community partners for the dissemination of findings in community & broad stakeholder forums.11. Make policy recommendations for decision makers in the region that serves local and global developmentsOutcomes:1. A well grounded LL needs assessment highlighting women & marginalized groups2 A pool of LL trainers & a repertoire of communication & low-tech LL delivery practices 3. An embedded/sustanable LL strategy of education and training events in the programs of four key HE centres that connects to the work in NGOs & community groups; 4. Impact tools - medium & long-term5 A website and number of widely disseminated policy and practice documents6 A final conference
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