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Lifelong Educational Project on Brownfields

The project addresses the promotion of skills required for the re-use of urban land, known as ‘brownfield site redevelopment’. The project will facilitate an exchange of expertise amongst its partners and knowledge on this topic will be developed into versions of a generic educational package that can be used on a cross-thematic and cross-professional basis. The project will build upon previously-funded EU projects on the theme of ‘brownfield site redevelopment’. The project will target a wide range of professionals who work on brownfield site redevelopment. Course material will be prepared that reflects the individual learning needs of different professionals whilst providing horizontal synthesis between different actors from environmentalists through to lawyers. Seminars and demonstration courses will be held in each country to introduce ideas and teaching methods with respect to brownfield site development. Participants in demonstration courses will be selected for training as tutors on brownfield site development courses. Courses will be delivered to local partners to include academia, professional associations and regulators. A handbook will be developed to accompany the courses and will be made available in all partner languages via the project website and as a CD-Rom. The project ideas and results will be disseminated through local bodies that promote educational initiatives. Project partners will apply for local accreditation of local language versions of teaching courses in an effort to promote the course programme as part of local continuing professional education.

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