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Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Aug 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project will be implemented within the scope of Erasmus+ Youth Mobility Programme under the partnership of Turkey and Romania. Our project, whose mobility activity will be carried out on 04th to 18th May 2015, will be implemented in Kahramanmaraş Province upon participation of 28 young participants in total; 14 of them from Turkey and 14 of them from Romania. The increasing population, deforestation, and rapid consumption of the world assets bring along problems such as increase in greenhouse gases as well as increase in the concentration of such gases; and also damage of the systems discharging such gases. Such a situation, which is mostly caused by human activities, leads to greater problems. In a warming world, it is most probable to experience nature events such as increase in climatic extremenesses, drought, forest and pasture fires, floods and temperature waves. Naturally, all the above mentioned events will lead to changes in the natural habitats of animals and plants, damage the nutrition orders of many animal species, narrow their habitats, great migrations and extinction of many animal and plant species, which will not be able to adapt to the new conditions. The increase in the world’s population, technological developments, industrialization, increased and intensive usage of fossil fuels have continuously increased intervention of human beings on the nature. Uncontrolled settlement and urbanization, the increase in solid wastes, global warming, the deformation on the ozone layer, greenhouse effect, nuclear pollution, decrease in green spaces and extinction of animal and plant species have become the common problems of humanity. Local and global measures are taken, national and international events are organized and studies are conducted in order to raise awareness for these problems, which concerns all the living creatures all around the world. Such national and international efforts against these environmental problems become effective in administrative and legal aspects. However, the “awareness” level of the individuals against the environmental problems is not sufficient. It is clear that environmental problems all around the world cannot be solved unless sustainable society is achieved and people change their life styles in such a way to respect the environment. Within this framework, the main objective of our project to establish an active, efficient, conscious and solution-oriented youth population, which is sensitive towards the environment, aware of the environmental problems, able to conserve its socio-aesthetical values, in order to serve establishment of environmental conscious in different sections of the society.

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