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Life on PromethEUs
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project PrometEUs is about developing, testing and implementing an innovative approach of learning focusing on cross-curriculum teaching that is inquiry based. In order for the education to be high quality, there is a scientifically proven need for the education, in all European countries, to develop in this direction. Participating institutions and teachers will learn about, explore, develop and transfer new educational techniques, methods and approaches from one school to another through this intense contact over the two-year period. Our purpose is to build long-term cooperation to develop our schools teaching with a focus on inquiry based and interdisciplinary learning in an international context. This Strategic Partnership for Schools consists of five schools from Croatia, Turkey, Sweden, italy and Poland with students aged 12-16. Our project builds partly on the previous one called Spaceship Santa Maria. The focus of the project is the international crew of the imaginary spaceship Santa Maria that landed onto a habitable planet called PromethEUs after a 500-year-long quest for a planet to start new civilization. The planet is the metaphor for the place where we live. Throughout the project, our students will have to plan and organize life on PromethEUs because they are not to return to Earth for generations. This job will have to be done applying the principles of modern democracy with all eligible crew members participating equally. The students will be confronted with a number of cross-curricular problems and will have to solve them together with partners through discussion and debate. Teachers will prepare lesson plans for each topic as an introduction. After the lessons are dealt with, the most important and controversial points of each topic will be collected in tutorials with problems to be discussed and solved. Working collaboratively in teams, students will come up with the solution of the problem. Students from each partner school will present their solution at the projects three learning activities, in Croatia, Turkey and Poland. During the negotiations, there will be students’ discussion and debate in English resulting in a common solution to the problem. This way, our students will improve their civic, citizenship skills as well as foreign language competences. During these activities, each host will organize a Europe day, team building and sports activities among other things. The visiting students and teachers will attend / hold lessons. Visiting teachers will hold trainings and workshops for local teachers to disseminate the projects outcomes. We furthermore plan two transnational project meetings, one in the beginning of the project and one towards the end. We will apply new innovative approaches in learning / teaching process like cross-curriculum learning and inquiry based education that we expect to be adopted in the everyday teaching by the participating teachers. We also expect to improve all of the key competences of teachers and students. This project will promote collaborative learning, critical and creative thinking and develop transversal skills and problem solving skills. We expect that our students will improve their entrepreneurial skills. We expect also that our project will raise awareness of sustainable development issues.
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