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Life-Long Learning for Drivers to Improve Road Safety and Service Quality by E-Learning and Practical Training

Road Safety is one of the most important public health problems in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.2 million people lose their lives each year because of traffic accidents. According to the EU Countries and Turkey Highway Accidents Statistics (2003) prepared by Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), in 67031 traffic accidents, 3946 people lost their lives in a year. When we consider Sardinia, Italy; the partner country that LLL-DRIVE aims to deliver the training to drivers as well, it can be said according to the national insititue for statistic "Sistema Statistico Nazionale, Istituto Nazionale Di Statistica, Automobile Club D'italia" that 4.019 number of accidents caused 136 death and 6.238 injuries in the year 2004. Considering that the population in Sardinia is around 2.000.000 and that the number of car accidents is increasing every year more and more, these numbers are quite high. Moreover, Cagliari is the 2nd city in Italy as its number of cars per inhabitant (after Rome only). Italy records an income of approximately 42 billion euros for spending related to travel in our art cities, 10 billion of which can be attributed to foreign tourism. We are dealing with a significant economic force which is distributed throughout all regions.The figure related to spending by foreign tourists in Italy in November was decidedly positive according to the Italian Exchange Office with an 8,9% increase compared to last year and total spending of 1,771 million euros. The period from January to November 2007 saw a positive net balance of 11,048 million euros compared to 11,946 million euros in the same period of last year. Spending by foreign tourists in Italy, which amounted to 29,693 million euros, increased by 2.2%. As regards international arrivals, there was an increase in incoming traffic compared to the positive results of 2006: + 6.5% for over 42 million arrivals (with overnight stay). Also as regards visitors, there was a 0.2% increase with 334.5 million overnight staysThe high rate of accidents take root from many reasons but, insufficient consciousness and training are the main reasons. Within this context, the training of local commercial vehicle drivers plays a key role for the improvement of service quality and road safety..Chambers of drivers and umbrella institutions (federations) organize trainings. However, different training standards in EU countries result in problems not only for driving license, but also for service quality and road safety. The main problems are insufficiency of training programmes and materials for this service sector and lack of international standardisation of existing materials. With this project, it has been aimed at the improvement of road safety and service quality of local commercial vehicle drivers. In order to reach to this target, it has been aimed at the preparation of training module based on ICT for road safety knowledge and foreign language skills, the preparation of training kit for communication skills in which simulation method will be used, the organisation of trainers’ training, the organisation of training for drivers in order to provide the dissemination of training kit, the development of certification procedure, the fulfilment of distance learning on webpage in order to provide the sustainability of the training and service quality. Thanks to the implementation of training module in Turkey and Italy, we will have opportunity to compare the dissemination, monitoring and evaluation of the project. The project is composed of six WPs and these WPs will be executed by Turkey (coordinator), Slovakia (partner whose project will be transferred), Greece and Italy.As an impact envisaged of the project, it has been provided the dissemination of EU Standards and the valid certification within EU borders via training modules and kits prepared for local commercial vehicle drivers. Especially with e-learning on webpage, it has been provided life-long l...
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