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Life is good
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are seven countries in this project (Turkey, Poland, Spain Italy, Lıthuanıa, Latvia and France). All our activities aim at educating healthy students, well trained, sociable persons who enjoy working with others as part of a team and also capable of acting alone and use their own initiative, at educating young students to be disciplined, communicative and aware of their European citizenship. We believe that fundamental basics for learning go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, with a profound awareness of ones own body and personality. We chose the topics of our project "Life is good" to help the students to develop their identity and to express themselves self-confidentially and clearly. If they achieve the aim of personal matureness this way, then they will be enabled to face the requirements of their future at school, business life and life as a whole. Working in small, structured teams that is, cooperative learning is one of the most effective ways for students to master the curriculum. And students who learn cooperatively typically make significant social and academic gains. Team work among teachers, pupils and staff from different countries within a partnership gives a unique opprotunity to experience the European dimension. The specific needs to be addressed include: - Personal growth: to increas self confidence and independence, to improved decision making and problem solving skills - Academic growth: to enhance interest in academic study ,to influence subsequent educational experiences -Intercultural development: to better understanding of the individual’s own cultural values and biases, to fosters inter-cultural understandings, to influenced to seek greater diversity of international relationships -Educational and career advancement: to acquired skills that influence a career path , to ignite an interest in a career direction, to gain international contacts for post study opportunities -Improved language skills: Basic understanding of different languages These days, most employers value teamwork skills in their employees as highly, if not more highly than their ability to work independently. In the work place they need to be adaptable, flexible, able to ‘get on’ with people and to put the aims of the team first. Young people seem to be a little out of touch with real communication nowadays and this project aims at actively involving youths in a social dialogue by means of , healthy food and sport Our project will attract young people’s attention and will help them to discover and cultivate their abilities and new competences. The learning methods and techniques (ice-breakers, workshops and outdoor activities) will address the different needs of the participants. The content of our project is access to our cultures, , our traditional food, introduction of various sports, and sharing of impressive activities on computer. Our project targets the young to pay attention to the activities and to complete their personal and social development. The young will participate in the activities in person and will be informed about different branches (healthy food,healthy life,sport, music, art) they are interested in. While documenting their experiences after visiting the different countries the students will achieve an awareness of what they learned. The schools who are applying to be part of this project actually regret that they will not be able to bring their students to the meetings. In turn their profound incentive to tie as many students as possible as well as the whole school communitiy in all local activities will certainly speak for itself. What's more, the positive experiences we had with our projects in the past are a striking proof of the prospects of success.
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