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Lideranças escolares: estratégias para a inovação face aos desafios da modernidade
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Group of Schools of Atouguia da Baleia is a public educational structure, located in the west of Portugal (80 kilometers north of Lisbon) near the sea, looking for some time now to provide a dynamic environment and reinforcement of its strategies of success and improvement through several initiatives for innovation and the use of ICT. The group has a contract of autonomy, which allows an increased flexibility in its several working areas. Strategy and philosophy are oriented towards the improvement of success and results of the students, especially through investment in educational technology and human resources training. The group participates in the iTEC project (level 5) and thinks that to overcome the challenge that the use of technologies presents to the classrooms and the global educational system, and considering that it is not desirable that the classroom becomes an outdated learning place, it is essential to build bridges using digital language and instruments. It is intended to continue to “amaze” and motivate students through the use of their communication references, as well as to develop an innovative classroom (area, strategies and tools). It is sought to share experiences and discuss ideas and give the students a richer concept about the European classrooms. The educative project of the group anchors its educational philosophy in the development and in what innovation and proper use of the new ICT represents. The training plan of the group includes, in compliance with its educative project, an investment in its human resources, being enriching the development of such training in a European framework. Moreover, both the mentioned iTEC project, as well as the participation in other international projects (e.g. Comenius) rightly points out the increasingly strong internationalization that we are looking for the formative journey. The focus of the group in the strengthening of innovation and new ICT, as well as the need to develop organizational characteristics, implies an answer to these needs from the training point of view that is expected to be clearly poured into this project and its expected impact. The careful selection of the participants, through a precise demonstration of interest in this project (through a survey), as well as the participation of a significant number of teachers and other staff (about 30) responsible for the middle management structures, ensures a secure dissemination of the acquired skills and an increased impact of the training activities. The searching for partnerships will seek to find the appropriate links to the goals set. The training courses, the exchange of experiences and job shadowing must lead to the acquirement of the desired improvement of skills in the participants and, after the dissemination, to the remaining human resources. The training obtained through the project will be too important to take risks of neglecting its registration, disclosure and reinforcement in a perspective of continuity and sustainability of its results in the educative community. It is expected that the means made available (digital media, access to the WEB pages, Dissemination Symposium, etc.) constitute sufficient pillars for the sustenance of this training structure. Concerning the different stages of the project they will be accompanied by a functional structure of the group, responsible for educational development projects and with the presence and ongoing supervision of the leadership team. It will be sought to perform a closely monitoring and a strategic intervention based on self-evaluation reports and other administrative elements. This project's main objective is to improve the skills of professionals working in this group, seeking to meet their individual and specific needs and improving their ability to intervene in educative contexts. The promotion of innovative teaching practices is also a goal of the project development. Good practices, innovation and improving the teaching and learning process are added values to be gained in the results of students. At the organizational level, it should be underlined the importance of guiding the school management towards a constant improvement, collecting information from other management paradigms or collecting valid experiences from realities with diversified horizons and modus operandi. This project is expected to constitute a significant step in the organizational, management, leadership, innovation and good practices domains, on a sustainable and constant improvement and to leave its mark, either through the changes and improvements in practices carried out either through the production of documents. The internationalization and the European dimension are a key tool for any educational organization whose action is based in an endless search for improvement, innovation and better results by and for the students.
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