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"Licht und Schatten - Was erwartet uns in Zukunft?" Deutsch-Ukrainische Jugendbegegnung
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Current events in Ukraine and the future perspectives of the country were laid at the root of German-Ukrainian youth exchange "Light and Shadow - What can we expect in the future?". 8 young people from Dresden and 10 from different cities of Ukraine have participated in this project. The young people were dealing with such important topics as the European identity of western Ukraine and the possible entry of Ukraine into the EU. In this regard, the participants have prepared the questions in advance and interviewed different population groups in both cities on the street. The interviews were then analyzed by the participants during group works and built together to a film-reportage. The youngsters took an active participation in filming the interviews in Dresden and Lviv, in cutting the film and creating the storyboards. The film was a main point of the exchange project, different generations took part in the interviews, where they could express their vision of Ukraine, their assessments of the current situation, hopes and wishes for the future of the country. The young people learned more about the revolutionary events (Euromaidan) in Ukraine, about the democratic development in the country, European values and the current political situation in Dresden (for example PEGIDA demonstrations). The participants have developed their own scenarios and possible future perspectives for the divided country, expanded their knowledge about the period of National Socialism and remembrance culture in Dresden, about the history of Lviv and Ukraine, discussed about the peaceful coexistence of different minorities in Ukraine and explored the German history in eastern Europe. During the youth exchange, it was possible to visit the political institutions in Lviv and Berlin. For example, we were in the administration of Lviv, in the German Bundestag and in the Ministry of Interior in Berlin. The young people talked to representatives of the Lviv’s administration for education issues and youth policy. In Berlin we had a very informative discussion with the speaker of the party president of CDU / CSU Arnold Vaatz and Mr. Hartmut Koschyk (responsible for minorities and repatriates in Germany). In addition, we had a possibility to visit the plenary meeting of the German Bundestag. We also visited the NGO "Self-defense" in Lviv and took part in exciting workshops and discussions. At the end of this project, due to the comprehensive discussions, the participants were able to find out the similarities and the differences between two countries and cultures. Many new acquaintances and friendships were established. The participants from both countries were actively involved in our events and in the process of youth exchange and worked very productively on the project. The project was positively evaluated by the young people and increased the Interest in politics and participation in socio-political processes in their own country. Moreover, the intercultural and language skills of the participants were further improved. This project was the first cooperation between two partners, namely PJR Dresden and DJ Lemberg. During the implementation and planning of the project the productive, friendly and reliable partnership was developed and the wishes for further closer cooperation were expressed by both partners. Two following projects are in the plan for 2016.

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