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LFEE Immersion course
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The participant is currently teaching at Auchmuty High School, in the region of Fife in Scotland. Over the years, the school has been offering two main subjects (German and French )to our pupils. For the first time this year, our pupils have the opportunity to learn an additional language( Spanish). At the moment, only a non qualification course is being provided. On completion of her Spanish degree at the Dundee University in June this year, our member of staff will be a qualified teacher and will therefore be teaching the language to more pupils and at qualification level, from S4 to S6. The head teacher is committed to the language learning and has offered financial support to the participant to complete the degree. This will then give our pupils more course choices and expand our modern languages department. We endaevour to promote and foster the European Dimension into our learners' lives by recognising our interdependence with other countries, raising awareness of other cultures and reflecting of our own culture. By learning a foreign language our pupils are made aware that they acquire skills that will enable them to be active citizens within Scotland as well as the UK and the EU.We also feel that it is time to start reversing the "vicious circle of monolingualism" in Great Britain. Too many pupils are lagging far behind their European peers, with many unable to understand basic phrases. Poor language skills in the workforce affect our economy. In our organisation, we believe that languages are vital in education for UK competitiveness, for individuals and society at large. We feel that the attitude to foreign languages has started to change for the best, and the Scottish government is helping tremendously towards this change with the implementation of the initiative of 1+2 in all the primary schools.To encourage the uptake of languages at National 5 and Higher levels depends on the role teachers play in the classroom. Our pupils are fast changing along with our society and are no longer passive recipients but active participants. We need to move away from traditional methodology and inspire them. We need to adapt to their changing needs and aspirations. Resources should be authentic, relevant, challenging and motivating. We need to allow our pupils"to travel" within the boundaries of the classroom, send letters to pen pals whose language they are studying and embrace new cultures by studying topics of interest such as music, art...Although the participant is eager to integrate all those new aspects into her teaching, she feels that she would benefit from professional development to help pupils embark on a new journey while learning a foreign language. The project will help her:Develop new learning tools and materials, use of ICT, music, videos, authentic documents• Develop new learning tools and materials, use of ICT, music, videos, and authentic documents• Use new teaching strategies to develop communication skills• Use the target language with confidence in the class• Develop partnership with a Spanish school and get to use the language in real contexts.• Embrace the culture of the country and transfer the experience to our pupils.
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