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“Lezzetin gizli kahramanı” Sosların Üretimi ve Sunumu
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main target of Tourism Policy of Turkey – 2023 Document which is the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the republic is to attract 63 million tourists and so generate 86 billion USA dollars tourism revenue. Each passing day, food and beverage sector provide 350.000 persons with direct employment opportunity and 1 million 500 thousand persons with indirect employment opportunity and in the service sector, it ranks number two in terms of employment opportunity. Also, the turnover of this sector is 5 billion dollars. This sector provides service to 3 million 500 thousand people and it is expected that this number will reach the 7 million people.The growth of Turkish food and beverage sector, the continuous increase in the custormers expectations, custormers new palate requests and foreign tourists new palate request. In recent years, the sauce is one of the most important complement of one portion of the meal. The sauce completes the meal in terms of both look and taste. For the delicious food, the right sauce should be chosen and it should be cooked carefully. The sauces and garnishes complete look and taste of the well-prepared meal. The sauces are used for the purpose of adding flavour and variety to meals and in recent years they become essential taste. All over the world, sauce making requires effort. At the heart of Turkish cuisine, there are almost no sauces.With this project, our participants want to learn gravies, paste sauces, soy sauces, hot sauces, Mexican sauce, sweet sauces and salad sauces; improve their knowledge about raw material selection, creating recipes, production, food presentation techniques, see and practice these on site. Also, creating the new training models are wanted. In addition, our participants will improve their foreign language so they can follow the foreign sources. They will have cross-cultural communications and so cultural transmission will be provided and they will be tolerant of different cultures and they will be able to work together effectively. Also, they will be gain self-confidence and they will correlate the business life and social life successfully and they will gain strong qualifications and cultural and social skills. Within this scope, there will be two runs(the Czech Republic and Romania) in the mobility activities. 18 students and 3 teachers will participate these activities in 04.03.2017 and 19.03.2017. Also, these activities will last for 16 days. With this project, our objectives are;- to raise gourmets who know the world cuisine and know all process of making a sauce and who can make sauces that appeal to the different taste buds, meet the custormers’ expectations about their palate, make sauces in particular to the taste of our country and worldwide known sauces and bright to light the traditional sauce types,-to learn effective use of the raw materials that are produced in our country, -to increase our sauce export and to decrease our sauce import,-to raise qualified personnel and to increase the employment chance of participants in the food and beverage sector and to support our country’s targets- to strengthen the regional and local competitiveness of the sector,-to strengthen knowledge level of the personnel who work in this sector about palatal delights,-to publish worldwide known sauces related publications,-to set detailed sauce making schedules/models in our school,- to meet custormers’ expectations. Also, by the help of the project, these will be possible;Participants;-will improve their professional language, communication and competencies,-will find national and international employment opportunity in the institutions that operate in this sector thanks to improvement in their language and their skills, -will be able to hang out their own shingle so they will create new employment area for their coworkers,-will improve their own self-confidence-will get to know host country’s culture,-will introduce our culture.
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