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Leveraging the Value of World Heritage Sites in the Regions for the Benefit of All. (HERITAGE ALIVE!)
Start date: Mar 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

World Heritage Sites are important promoters of regional development, both economically, as they attract tourism, and socially, as cornerstones of regional identity. However, it is often difficult for sites with a World Heritage status to convey the abstract and complex concept of World Heritage to their local communities or to visitors and tourists. This can often be traced back to a lack of novel approaches to unlock the wealth of knowledge encased in cultural heritage resources. Most approaches to convey the stories of World Heritage sites have utilised new media and technologies in a static top-down fashion. This leaves little room for active community participation. In contrast to these conventional methods HERITAGE ALIVE! seeks to engage citizens and visitors actively in a cultural dialogue to increase their awareness and understanding of the shared heritage and regional identity. The bottom-up approach involves all actors, including stakeholders from the tourism sector, regional development and spatial planning agencies, local communities and local industries (such as handcrafts) as well as educational and youth organisations. HERITAGE ALIVE! comprises a network of World Heritage sites in urban environments in the CADSES area; in some of these sites, city districts have World Heritage status, and in other sites only certain monuments. The project also includes sites which have applied for World Heritage status (Corfu/Ionian Islands, Perperikon/Kardjali). HERITAGE ALIVE! will establish a transregional network of partners from EU Member States and Non-EU Member States to better utilise the regions’ World Heritage status to stimulate economic prosperity, to strengthen social cohesion and to promote regional identity. Expected Results: The planned results of the project are, amongst others: - Establishment of “Good Practice Guidelines” for World Heritage Sites and tourism providers, - Development of policy recommendations and future scenarios for regional development and spatial planning, - Maximise the transfer of results with demonstrations at target group specific events and conducting a feasibility study for future investments, - Virtual Tourist Guide to unlock both the regional heritage and the economy for tourists, - Learning Quests to raise the cultural awareness of the local population, and in particular the young, in an adventure-like environment, • Establishment of a network by bringing together diverse groups of regional sectors - tourism, cultural heritage, education, youth organisations, regional and spatial planning and ICT industries, - Strengthening cultural awareness and regional identity through the active involvement of the local community and visitors, - Utilisation of the potential of new media and technologies, - Promotion of regional economies by developing applications that stimulate cultural tourism and integrate local industries and handcrafts.

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