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Leveraging INspire Knowledge into Vocational Innovative Training

INSPIRE Directive brings a revolution in geo-information (GI), and a need of specific skill in public administration and GI stakeholders, as acknowledged by the INSPIRE State of Play report. LINKVIT is in line with the Lisbon strategic priorities to improve quality/quantity of jobs through impact of ICT, and matches labor market and skills needs, as per the EC Communication "New Skills for New Jobs" and priorities of the Copenhagen Process. The project was built on the results of various GI & INSPIRE European initiatives that got (also) important training results, now exploited to transfer the achievements to support improved GI skill in a wider audience of national users, and the creation of knowledge to be operational in the INSPIRE assignments. The modules transferred (streamlined to Learning Paths) are so classified into:- Context knowledge for INSPIRE- Advanced technical Modules- Modules addressed to stakeholders of Nature Conservation and Geology & Civil Protection, respectively- Technological trends & innovative solutionswere reframed for an user oriented modular learning with positive impact on:- vocational training, for new basic skill about geo-spatial services or to update/upgrade skill of people already in GI field- curricular training, for post-graduates quickly operational vs. the needs of INSPIRE implementationSpecific objectives were to:- upgrade existing training material, harmonize and adapt it to national/regional needs- set-up the best tools (infrastructure, accessible contents) for training, with guided access for different users- exploit all of it for further curricular training actions after the project end, in University Master programs and through the promotion of an INSPIRE driver’s licenseTarget groups are:- employed people to be re-qualified on new competence required by INSPIRE- postgraduates (in the planned further step), for easier access to GI-labor market with a post-degree specialization,and professional profiles within public and private sector (both technicians and decision makers)LINKVIT was primarily contributing to rationalize and organize vocational training about GI & INSPIRE in public and private sector, also as regards an easy access to (standardized and validated at EU level) training. Its goal were and still are to share already got results with INSPIRE Community (EU and National level), to enable a better skill and so support the practical implementation of the Directive.Partners are from Administration and environmental agencies, (SMEs) Companies and Academy, and some of them were partners in the previous projects from which the original training contents derive, so ensuring the mastership of them. In general, apart their training experience, sustainability is granted by their active and consolidated role in GI and INSPIRE, and thanks to the planned direct use of results.

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