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Level up
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Dec 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project " Level Up " is directed to those who are working with young people , who in their activities support the youth in career development and prevent unemployment of young people. The main objective of the project is to promote innovative and non-formal education, which will fill the gap in school and university teaching , providing better adapt to the modern and dynamically developing modern world. . " Level Up " is primarily an opportunity for people , who are working with young people, to gain competencies that will enable them to effectively later influence their target audience and increase professional opportunities . Program design issues are recognized vocational counseling and career planning , soft skills ( ability to organize themselves, motivational techniques , negotiation training , communication) and the development of creativity and entrepreneurship support ing young people in starting their own businesses. The project will be attended by 30 participants and 3 trainers from 6 countries : Romania, Hungary, Polish , Turkey, Spain and Latvia. Participants of the project are social activists and youth workers in the area of professional development. The project will be 7 days of training , based on the method of workshops and non-formal education ended summarizing promotional event - open meeting with employers and officials. Expected results and impact of the project : - Creating a network of organizations working in the field of professional development (mutual acceptance of people for internships and traineeships , joint organization of training courses, conferences , seminars, exchange of knowledge , conducting joint international portal ) - To increase the competence of the participants in the field of vocational guidance and career planning - To increase the competence of the participants in terms of soft skills - Increase language skills (improvement of professional English ) - Public awareness on the importance of the European common market and the free movement of capital and people - Appropriately promoted the idea of a Common Europe , enabling live and work in any European country to all citizens - Breaking down stereotypes , xenophobia , racism and building an open and tolerant attitude Potential long-term benefits : - Easing the problem of unemployment , especially among young people - Increase the number of suitably qualified staff - Better matching of skills of workers ( especially young people ) to labor market needs - Qualification of high-quality professional counselors to help plan a career for young people - Reduction of social exclusion and financial people who have problems with finding a job - Increasing the economic competitiveness of the local community , our country and the European Union - The distribution of language skills and thus help in internationalization activities conducted by local organizations - Alleviation of social moods , and increased goodwill to the European Union and its values - Reducing the number of xenophobic and racist attidutes - The distribution of attitudes focused on continuous development , innovation and entrepreneurship - Prevalence of non-formal education methods - An increase in overall welfare - Dissemination of international action and cooperation between the peoples of Europe - Increase respect for other cultures , peoples and difference - A better understanding of the needs of their local communities and social activists equipment in effective tools.

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