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Let the world see You
Start date: Jan 15, 2011,

"Let the world see YOU!" is a two part project aimed at helping young people increase their level of consciousness about the distinction between every human being, as well as to encourage their creativity and individuality through intercultural cooperation. The first part, the 7 day training course will take place in Skopje, Macedonia, during which 36 participants from Spain, Poland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Palestina and Macedonia, will attend interactive lectures, workshops, and engage in practical work on topics such as art, culture, society, as well as trainings about journalism, creative writing, graphic design and public relations. With the assistance of 4 trainers, the participants will learn how to show respect for diversities, how to work in teams consisting of peole with different educational, social and cultural background and practice working\wrighting in a multicultural magazine. This is what the second part will include - a follow up activity - creation of an online magazine that will not be bounded by distance between countries, cultural diversity or opinion clashng. The magazine will be reflection of the most creative and most unique happenings in different countries, as well as a reflection of the different societies. The aim of the magazine is to inspire young people from different countries, to foster their individuality and to increase their level of awareness and acceptance about different social groups.
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