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Start date: Dec 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European Commission published a report concerning early school leaving in November 2014. According to this report, the EU average rate of early leavers from education and training is now 11.9%, the EU average rate among boys is 13.6% whereas it is 10.2% among girls (Eurostat). Turkish Confederation of Employer Association has interpreted the average rate of early school dropout in Turkey as 37% (39, 5 % among girls and 35% among boys). It is also asserted that the children who left school are under the risk of committing crime and early school leaving is described as the kindergarden of juvenile delinquency (Gavin, 1997). The children falling into the category of early school leavers and juvenile delinquents are generally from disadvantaged backgrounds with fewer opportunities and are given priority by European Commission. Our project aims to provide key competencies to develop the measures to prevent early school leaving; to decrease the risk of those to commit crime; to guide them back to their education or vocational education to get qualified enough to find a good job and integrate them into social life; to develop a new joint methodology to tackle those; to prepare a e-training course including this new methodology and implementations; to train the adults dealing with these children and as a result to contribute to decrease the rates of leaving school prematurely and juvenile delinquency to fewer than 10% by 2020. The project targets mainly people who are in close relationship with truants and juvenile delinquents such as; parents, teachers, principals, community and juvenile police officers, counselors, lectures training these people etc. via on line in-service trainings. Seven different organizations from public bodies to NGOs with different expertise and experience about early school dropout and juvenile delinquency cooperate within the context of our project according to their expertise. Three intellectual outputs which will be created at the end of the project are as follows; 1- An innovative method that can be applied on the staff of the organizations with different expertise, 2- A new curriculum and its modules and 3- A new e-training system for adults in combating the truants and juvenile delinquents. The partnership intends to develop e-training material and a new pedagogical approach exploiting ICT resources, combining an on-line training based on the curriculum mentioned above, specifically designed for this sector, with practical experience. 1300 will have been reached either via questionnaires or interviews during the implementation period, 25 participants will have taken active part in the project and join mobility, our target group who are 800 people will have been trained according to the new methodology and curriculum, and approximately 84000 people will have been reached via dissemination activities in five partner countries at the end of the project. The project intends to foster transnational cooperation in order to exchange ideas, experiences, good samples and implementations, and to observe the different studies and working styles at European dimension during the project via five transnational meetings. Five conferences one of which is the final conference in Turkey will be held in five partner countries for the introduction and dissemination of the project results and the e-training sysytem to a wide range of organizations and participants. The project will be managed according to the equality, transparency and governance principles. All the studies carried out and the budget management will be open and shared with all the partners.

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