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Let The Forests Breathe

The people need to be conscious of their responsibilities towards the environment from early ages is a common sense of each institution. People cause many disasters. One of the environmental disasters which is caused by people is deforestation. The main object of our project is to raise awareness of reasons and results of deforestation. We want our students to comprehend the value of the forests for their future. They should understand that a tree is more than a treetop. We aim the pupils to understand the importance of prevention of forests and recycling, to gain researching and communicating abilities, to improve their usage of ICT, to develop consciousness of other European Cultures and know more about the living conditions of their peers in other countries. At the beginning and at the end a survey will be applied. A web-site will be built to share the results and information among partners. The project subject will be integrated into the school curricula. Expert lectures will be organized. Slogan,logo,short essays,pictures contests, applying the questionnaires , investigating the climate and species of the forests of participating cities, distributing brochures and stickers, opening a stand in a public area and informing people with the results, organizing trips to forested and deforested areas, designing culture trees with waste materials,posters of the subject, a picture dictionary, digitales, a final exhibition with the gathered materials, a planting festival will be held and they will gain a deep understanding of the benefits of forests around us.
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