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Let seniors teach entrepreneurship through innovative storytelling approaches
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

Let’S! Let seniors teach sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through innovative multimedia storytelling approaches, answers to an EU problem: provide adults with skills they need to DEALING WITH THE TRANSFORMATIONS taking place in the economy, as a condition for FULL PARTICIPATION in society. Adults, especially if coming from educationally/linguistically deprived backgrounds, must be provided with know how needed to induce changes oneself, with the ability to adapt to innovation by taking responsibility for one’s actions, setting and meeting objectives, and being MOTIVATED TO SUCCEED. But low skilled adults face many difficulties in acceding to most educational programs- based on elaborated forms of communication and language. We have the answer: LEARNING BASED ON REAL LIFE STORIES, because stories enable people to learn without feeling like they are learning, without straining to get it right. 8 PARTNERS from 8 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES will make 80 EU seniors entrepreneurs relate their own successful stories, making such know how available to new generations of workers.An innovative MULTIMEDIA training course about SENSE OF INITIATIVE & ENTREPRENEURSHIP specifically addressed to LOW SKILLED ADULTS will be produced, whose ambitiousness/innovativeness stands in the following points: a set of videos explaining the SI&E key competence through the voices/faces/stories of EU senior entrepreneurs, an e-book collecting the most successful training contents used all over EU, a tool available in 8 LINGUISTIC VERSIONS with contents provided in a concrete, meaningful, understandable and informal way. The MULTI-ACTORIAL PARTNERSHIP, through its wide network, will be able to reach the addressed target through contacts with training associations, providing TEACHERS WITH NEW METHODS/TOOLS, thus improving the quality of adult learning and enabling a deep, transnational and motivated use of LET’S tools by a huge number of adult learners.
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