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"Let's Work Together"
Start date: Mar 10, 2011,

Resource Centre Leskovac from Serbia will, together with partners, organize a 6 day (excluding travel days) youth exchange under the project name LET'S WORK TOGETHER for 30 young people from Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM and Serbia aged 18-25 in order to discuss about environmental problems and importance of recycling in everyday life. The group will also raise awareness and learn the ways to ensure active participation of young people related to personal and everyday contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection. This youth exchange will be held in May during 6 working days, excluding traveling, in Southern Serbia region on the Vlasina lake. These surroundings are famous of healthy nature and countless flora and fauna and good preservation and protection of nature. Using different working methods (discussions in small mixed groups and plenary, group work, workshops, individual work, presentations, outdoor activities, etc) participants will experience process of principles such as dialogue, mutual understanding, giving constructive feedback, decision making, self-exploration, attitude of analytical approach.Participants will research situation related to given issues in their countries, present it to others and, together, develop a list of recommendation for taking personal responsibility for sustainable development. Recommendations, as well as conclusions and impressions of participants will be published in "Recommendations on sustainable development" in 7 languages (Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Italian and English. It will be distributed to young people in countries involved in the project.

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