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Start date: Dec 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

the European Youth project for an inclusive society starts from the reflection developed in recent years on issues of European citizenship and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which sets out the values ​​and principles on which the Union is founded and the particular ' equity, justice, equality, non-discrimination, equal treatment of men and women.The economic and social crisis that has raged since 2008, the international scenario in which we are victims of terrorism and the crisis of values that is going through the West (the fragmentation and disintegration of identity that makes it impossible to acceptance of diversity) have especially touched young people.Young people and vulnerable population groups (elderly, disabled, women, immigrants) are the main victims of unemployment, lack of economic resources for the support, development and integration, and risk becoming a "lost generation" .SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECTThe project therefore aims to increase young Europeans, and thanks to them:1) the development of the necessary skills and knowledge to become conscious actors and citizens in their own context2) the intercultural dialogue that is based on skills:3) the inclusion, non-discrimination and mutual respect based on knowledge and appreciation of their identity not in opposition to each other but as the foundation to confront each other;4) participation in political dialogue as bearers of needs and actors as active proponents of innovative and socially inclusive.PROJECT ACTIVITIESTo achieve these objectives, the project foresees the involvement of 42 young aged 20-30 years Trai (young unemployed, immigrants, the disabled and women, or the most vulnerable social groups) and policy makers, with whom young people will debate is to highlight and to make known their needs, needs, their living conditions, their diversity of language, thought and communication, but also their expectations, perspectives and ideas.PREPARATORY PHASEIt is a phase of training will take place in sync with all the partners that will use the training and information materials provided by the European Union and the Open Educational Resources resources to achieve the cooperative learning activities. At this stage the young people and partner organizations will be supported by the project's website, and through the discussion forums and the publication of specific teaching materials will also develop a learning among remote peer. In this way from the beginning of the project the youth will have the opportunity to meet with peers from other countries, projecting suffered in an international context and learning thanks to the comparison with the peer group.IMPLEMENTATION PHASE:During which it will take place:_ Gathering by questionnaire of the views of young people, their ideas and their needs at both the regional and international level_ the creation of Focus Group On Line that serve as forums for discussion of issues affecting young people: young people and the labor market, youth and peace, youth and diversity, youth and culture, youth and politics. The focus groups are aimed at collecting data, opinions, suggestions and proposals that will be translated into text, video or webinar on the topic to be presented to policy makers in the process of meeting.TRANSNATIONAL MEETING _ A seminar aimed at young people who, using the non-formal learning methods and placing them as protagonists will help the development of the mentioned skills, to enable real participation of young people in political life through the instrument of the structured dialogue and understanding of the logic of conciliation ._The Dialogue with policy makers to verify, in a concrete way and how specific policies respond effectively to the challenges that youth is facing today and how European policymakers can make the best use of the potential among youth.DISSEMINATIONThe dissemination of results will be through the workshops on the theme locally and through the use of the project website.IMPACTS AND ASSESSMENT PROJECTThe project aims to make concrete experience of the structured dialogue as a reference tool and vital contribution to European cooperation in the youth field. Promoting a transnational seminar meeting of European young people, youth organizations, administrators and policy makers, the project will aim to strengthen the structured dialogue as instrument of debate, discussion and substantial cooperation between governments and young people, at all levels.THE PROJECT METHODOLOGYThe project aims to encourage the widest participation of young people and will use, so the learning methodologies peer reviews, simulations, games, role play, using ICT tools and Open Educational Resources. Specifically young people will also participate in the project activities involving the implementation of research, articles, information documents.
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