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Our partnership aims at helping the participants to acquire a deeper knowledge of their own province in order to create in everyone a feeling of regional identity and to share information about their cultural heritage with people of the same age who live far, so as to increase the intercultural dialogue and to create a sense of European citizenship. The partnership will help students to develop an interest in other European nations, comparing their peers’ costums and traditions with their own. Students will use foreign languages in significant real situations and will practice their language competences by expressing their ideas, feelings and opinions. Italian and Romanian students will discuss about their lives, schools, towns and countries together, they will deepen their knowledge of their and their partners’ historical, cultural and artistic heritage. They will have the opportunity to open the wings of their imagination and creativity, to discover an inner motivation for learning and improving their knowledge and skills. Pupils will discover what dialogue is, learning tolerance and respect for other people’s values. They will find out new solutions to contribute to the enrichment of European culture.
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