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Let’s talk about the future – Euro-Arab Youth Workshop

This project focused on what connects and divides Europe and the Arab world. Over a five-day period, youth took part in activities and discussions related to art and culture, combining workshops around dance, singing, storytelling, and craft in an effort to understand the cultural backgrounds and traditions of other countries. During some workshops, they found parallels between their fables, songs, and dances, while at other times the discussion revolved around finding similarities in their mother tongues, the challenges faced by women in their individual countries, and the role of religion in society. They learnt about the current political and social situations abroad, as well as in Poland. During one of the days, the youth visited a school in Warsaw where all the national groups put together a presentation for the children about their respective countries. Each group spent an hour in two classrooms talking with students, and afterwards, lead a joint activity in the gym, where they presented their cuisines, played games and made handicrafts with the students. After the school visit, the groups went to the International Euro- Med Singing Festival where the children and the public were invited. Six of the groups presented songs from Poland, Algeria, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. The participants got a better understanding of not only each other’s cultures, but also their own. By working together and learning about everything from other cultures from art to politics, they broke down stereotypes and found respect for the similarities and differences of the other participating countries.

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